Palette Wishlist

We all know about my love for eyeshadow palettes. That is why one of the first videos in eyeshadow palette month I just knew I had to do is let you know what I actually hope to buy in terms of palettes. This is my palette wishlist.

eyeshadow palette wishlist

As you can see, I am mainly eyeing up indie palettes as that is currently where the exciting things are happening. These have all been released in recent months for the most part but there are a few older palettes that I am still interested in. Hope you enjoy!

Palette Wishlist // These are the eyeshadow palettes I want to buy

Mentioned in the video:

  • Fantasy Cosmetics Fighter
  • Blend Bunny Lure
  • Klarity Cosmetics Evil Mermaid
  • Glamlite Chucky
  • Bperfect Gravity palette
  • LH Cosmetics Aim Higher
  • Glossgods Color of Rain
  • Cosmic Brushes Delicious Muse
  • Bella Beauté Bar Smokey Glam
  • Ensley Reign Midwinter Dream palette
  • Notoriously Morbid Green Rusted Essence Pressed
What eyeshadow palettes are on your wishlist?

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