Top 10 Drugstore eyeshadow palettes

Who doesn’t love a more affordable eyeshadow palette? I love trying them out, but not all of them stand out to me in the long term. So what is the best of the best when it comes to drugstore eyeshadow palettes? That’s what this video is all about.

top 10 drugstore eyeshadow palette

I will be including some products that aren’t technically palettes, but these are the more affordable eyeshadow products availabe at the drugstore that I would recommend.

Top 10 Drugstore eyeshadow // What are the best more affordable eyeshadow palettes?

Mentioned in the video:

  • Essence Luminous Eye Tint Shimmering Taupe
  • Kiko Milano Longlasting eyeshadow stick
  • ELF Celestial Winter
  • Peach C Falling in Pink
  • Catrice 5 in a Box Diamond Lavender Look
  • Beauty Bay Book of Magic
  • BH Cosmetics Love in London
  • Colourpop Troublemaker
  • Glamshop Kaszmir, Zimna Mocca, Niezłe Ziółko
  • Catrice Fall in Colours
What is your favorite drugstore eyeshadow palette?

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