Top 10 one & done eyeshadow

Instead of eyeshadow palettes, in 2023 I am really digging one & done eyeshadows. I just like to keep things simple and there have been some great one & done shadows that have made their way into my collection as of late. So these are my top 10 favorites.

best top 10 one & done eyeshadow

There is a whole host of new things here. Some of it more affordable from the drugstore and some of it is more expensive from luxury brands. There is a bit for everyone here so I hope you get something out of my recommendations here.

Best One & Done eyeshadow // Top 10 favorite one & done eyeshadow singles

Mentioned in the video:

  • Kiko Milano Watershadow 213
  • Victoria Beckham Beauty Lid Lustre Mink
  • Klavuu Urban Pearlsation Sparkle Eyeshadow Glambrown
  • 3INA 24H cream shadow 963
  • REM Beauty Metallic Gel eyeshadow Affirmation
  • Essence Luminous Eye Tint Shimmering Taupe
  • Glossier Lid Star Fawn
  • RMS Beauty Eye Light Strobe
  • Catrice Aloe Vera eyeshadow stick Lavender Brown
  • Kiko Milano Eyeshadow stick 46
What is your favorite one and done eyeshadow?

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