Best palettes for fair skin

If you have fair skin you may recognize the struggle of finding a good eyeshadow palette that works. Most makeup is aimed at people with warm undertones and a light to medium skin tone. The minute your complexion veers off the beaten track, you can struggle finding good things. These are my recommendations for the all the fair skinned peeps out there.

best palettes for fair skin

I have done this type of video before, so I am bringing a different perspective to it this time round. Rather than single palettes, I am giving you recommendations of brands that I feel that have formulas that work best for fair skin.

Best palettes for fair skin // My recommendations for perfect eyeshadow palettes for fair skin

Mentioned in the video:

  • Catrice 5 in a Box eyeshadow palettes: Soft Rose Look, Diamond Lavender Look, Modern Smokey Look
  • Viseart: Violette Étendu, Cashmerie, Petit Fours Lilas, Petit Fours Lilas Deux
  • Glamshop: Kazmir, Zimna Mocca
  • Nomad Cosmetics: Monteverdi Cloudforest, The Land of Fire & Ice
  • Glossgods: New Neutrals Remixed
  • Cosmic Brushes: Serenity
  • Colourpop: Deja Brew & Petals en Pointe
  • Fantasy Cosmetica: Druid & Rogue
  • Rom&nd: Better Than Palette Dreamy Lilac Garden & Peony Nude Garden
  • Oden’s Eye: Jewels & Gem
What are your favorite brands for fair skin?

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