Mealprepping & cooking

So something I love to do off screen is cook! I really enjoy being in the kitchen and I am a pretty decent home cook if I may say so myself. I used to share recipes and my cooking on this blog years ago, but that moved to Instagram. But I figured I could bring it back for a minute and share with you some recent & favorite meals I love to make.

mealprepping & cooking

Fun fact: most of the food related content on this blog dates back to the time I struggled with my diet a lot. I was wheat intolerant due to untreated hayfever and really had a hard time finding things I enjoyed while not upsetting my stomach. Now that I can eat almost anything, I really enjoy putting the skills I learnt all those years ago to put together great homecooked meals that I freeze and eat on the daily.

I love cooking // Sharing my love for food & some of my recent & fave recipes

What are your favorite meals to make?

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