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Sale is full on here in Holland and so I have been checking out a few stores from time to time to see if they have anything interesting. So far, I hadn’t found anything on sale that interested me, until yesterday. On top of that, my H&M order from last week arrived yesterday as well so I thought I’d show you that as well. Here’s what I got:

Bodyshop: Aloe Vera Moisturizer & a blush (on sale), Pieces nail polish (rainbow sugar), Gosh waterproof eyeshadow (champagne)

Earrings (all from Six & €2 each!)

Hair clips (Claire’s) & bracelet (Six)

Two necklaces (Six)

Necklace (Six)

Red tube scarf (Pieces)

Navy blue blazer (Only)

I had been looking for a dark blue blazer for ages, but none were to my liking. And last night: bam! It fits, looks great on me and is super comfortable.

Coral sweater (H&M)

Taupe baggy sweater (H&M)

Dark blue baseball sweater/ jacket (H&M)

Again something I had been looking for for ages after seeing my brother had one. I was even tempted to buy this from the men’s section 6 months ago but refrained. The new spring collection (Divided) has this one in both red & blue.

And then… I was broke… No I’m not, but it seems like a whole lot more like this, then it did when I bought them lolz. Anywayz. That’s it again for today. I will be blogging some more either later today or tomorrow. Today I’m going to sort through all of the new stuff I downloaded & bought since October (I do this every 3 months or so) and clean up and reorganize my music collection. But before I can do that I have to go to the pharmacy and donate some blood! Have a great day!

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