Updated Shoe Collection – August 2011 (now with better video)

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Since it’s been nearly 6 months since I last posted anything on my shoe collection I thought it would be time to give you an update on my current shoe collection. Since the last one, some shoes have disappeared (I threw out about 7 pairs since the last video) and of course more have been added as well. Some of these new buys were already featured on this blog, but not all of them. Also, the video I made last time was pretty crappy: pictures, bad lighting, you name it. I was bored because I am busy celebrating my vacation and then had an idea: what if I were to make an actual, moving video with better lighting? Well guys and dolls,  this is the final result:

All shoes are listed in random order: this is the order in which I pulled them out of my wardrobe. The only shoes not in the video are my hiking boots, trainers, dance sneakers and flip flops. All other shoes are in the video and range from flats to high heels, to boots, ankle boots and sneakers.

3 responses to “Updated Shoe Collection – August 2011 (now with better video)”

  1. Noelle Avatar

    Dear Lord you have a shitload of shoes :O When I first saw the length of the video I was like “see how extensive this is gonna be” and then you went through the shoes quite fast. I didn’t watch it all, because I am not the biggest shoe freak. I think if I would do a vid like this, I’d be done in 3 minutes ^^

  2. janske Avatar

    wow…chick…you’re officially an addict 😉
    how many miles did you walk while making this video 😉
    it’s funto look back to in a couple of years to see your shoes 🙂

  3. indiequeen84 Avatar

    I know I have loads of shoes. I was actually afraid I wouldn’t all be able to put it in one video because of youtube’s 15 min limit.
    @ Janske: it took me quite a few hours to tape it all, then another few hours to edit the videos and put it together.
    @ Noelle: I just love shoes. Period. 😉

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