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Ah it’s that time again. The actual winter sale has started and I couldn’t be happier. H&M has some pretty good things in their sale right now and I just had to get a few things. Well, a few… ahem… Luckily it’s sale and I actually bought a few of these items for less than 5 euros each! And when you’re shopping you also find a few other trinkets on the way, so here are the things I picked up from the H&M sale, online and offline.

Sunglasses with sparkly rhinestone effect

When I saw these, I just couldn’t pass them up. I think they look cool and the rhinestones give it more of an edge. Best part: they were €1.95 and I got them on the website!

White cotton button up blouse

Can you believe I didn’t have a white button up?! Well now I do. This is very much over sized, but that’s what I like about it. I’ve found out that blouse for me shouldn’t be a tight fit, but are best worn 2 – 3 sizes bigger. This way I can wear them as a long shirt with leggings, tuck them in or tie them in the front making it much more versatile. This cost €2.95 (not kidding) on the website.

Black semi sheer satin finish button up blouse

Like a white blouse a solid black one was missing from my wardrobe as well. I saw a full priced blouse the other day, but thought it too sheer. This is only sheer when you press your nose against the fabric. Again it’s 2 sizes too big on me, but I like it that way. This blouse retails for €10 on sale.

White baggy knit sweater

I love all the bulky knits that were around this season. I just hadn’t found the perfect one yet. This white sweater has a bulky knitted pattern and even though it is bulky to begin with I bought it a size too big. That makes it even comfier. This sweater is on sale for €15.

Black riding pants

I don’t ride horses, and when I saw these on the hanger I was very skeptical about them. That was until I put them on. They are super comfortable (because they are stretchy) and they fit perfectly. It’s like a cross between leggings and treggings and I they are a bit more high rise than the average pair of pants. On sale for €10.

Multi-colored speckled long skirt

I don’t have many long skirts. They usually make me look shorter than I am and in my case that is a bad thing. However, I thought this skirt looked so good on and it’s very versatile too because of the pattern, so this goes with anything: bulky boots or heels, a baggy blouse, a t-shirt or a blazer. I got this for €10 in the online sale.

Taupe pleated long skirt

Another long skirt. I just love taupe colors and this skirt is very feminine looking. It is highwaisted which is a plus for me and actually makes me look taller. This skirt is part of H&M’s current collection and retails for €10.

Nude/  cream lace pattern dress

I saw this dress already a few weeks ago, but was skeptical about trying it on. I searched for it online so I would be able to order it and try it on without any rush in my own home. Alas, I couldn’t find it online, so I went to the store and tried it on. This again looks very girly and the cut is just right. This is part of H&M’s Divided regular collection and costs €20.

Taupe sleeveless tulle dress

The top part of this dress is hideous looking, both on the hanger and on, but the skirt on the other hand is amazing. So that is why I bought this. It is one of those dresses that you can wear to a party but you can also easily make this slightly more casual and wear it to work. This dress also retails at €20 and it is part of H&M’s Christmas collection.

So there you have it: my latest purchases. I also ordered a pair of white shorts from their webstore but they sent me the wrong pair in the wrong size so I’m still waiting on that.

Opinions? Are there items that you would wear or wouldn’t wear? What do you think about those riding pants?

6 responses to “H&M Sale Shopping!”

  1. Laura Avatar

    Ow, leuke kleding! Vind vooral de laatste drie kledingstukken mooi. Moet zeker ook even gaan sale shoppen.

  2. indiequeen84 Avatar

    Hey! Dankjewel voor je reactie. Die laatste drie kledingstukken komen dus net NIET uit de sale 😉 Maar dat mag de pret niet drukken!

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  4. Aisling Avatar

    I just bought the taupe dress and wrote a blog post about it as well 🙂
    Aisling (myshallowobsession.blogspot.com)

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      I wore the dress for Christmas with a short sleeved bolero jumper over it and black stilettos. Loved it!

  5. […] black so perfect for now, but I think the print definitely adds a bit of spark to it. I bought a similar looking dress in taupe last year. This one is pretty much the same, but with a different color and print, but the tulle on this […]

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