NOTW: Vampire Black

This week I spent on the couch watching True Blood Season 4 for the most part. I was feeling under the weather and I had yet to watch the latest season and lo and behold what I picked up when I sat to do my nails? Yep two black polishes that in hind-see are very much vampire inspired be it unconsciously.

No flash

With flash

I’ve used two nail polishes to create this look:

Ciaté Twilight (black with gold glitter)

Eyeko Vampira Polish for Gothic Nails (black with red glitter)

Excuse the smudges on my index & pinky. Today was not a good day for polishing my nails. It’s a thing for me: whenever I apply a really dark nail polish it turns out a right old mess. I love both colors though as at first glance it looks like you’re wearing black polish, but when you look more closely you actually see the tiny specks of glitter which makes these polishes just that much more special.

What do you think of these polishes?

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