It’s sale time: order

It’s the end of season sale and that means shopping. My original plans were to go to Antwerp, but unfortunately my friend couldn’t go and with the weather being hideous I didn’t want to go all by myself. But don’t fret, with the help of some online shopping I still got some pretty cool stuff. At least, I hope.

This is my second order with The first time everything went fine, so I thought it would be safe to take another gamble. I’m just hoping these items are as cool on me as on the models.

Geo Print Pussybow Playsuit. €21.52.

I already own a playsuit/ jumpsuit, but that one has no sleeves. This one is a bit dressier and I love the pattern! I also love the pussybow. I think I’ve been watching too much Mad Men, which is why I like them.

Ruffle Collar Blouse. €22.19.

I think this looks so 70s, yet the color makes it a bit more up to date. I think the collar looks adorable and the ruffled sleeves make it look extra cute. I had been eyeballing some short sleeved shirts, but I find myself hardly wearing short sleeved blouses, so when I saw this one, I knew it was going to be perfect.

Pussybow dress. €32.95.

Simple yet classy dress. I’m getting into these neutrals right now and I don’t own many dresses without some crazy print on them. It’s a fairly short dress so I want to see whether I would be able to tuck it into another skirt or maybe even pants and double it as a top.

Have you done any sale shopping?

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  1. I like the pinky dress! Yes, done sale shopping – but I need to take photos of things – which I will probably do tomorrow, and then get a haul blog up. 🙂

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