NOTW: Pink & Sunshine

I have been so lazy regarding my nails lately. First it was because they all started breaking on me. It was as if my nails had suddenly become more brittle than usual. The problem: my new nail polish remover. And now, I’m just too lazy to look into cute nail designs and what not. So I’ve been wearing one color mostly. I find most colors too boring to wear on its own, but there are a few colors which are so insanely pretty that pairing them with another one pretty much equals sacrilege. China Glaze’s Strawberry Fields is one of those colors.

China Glaze Strawberry Fields

This really is a summery color: hot pink with subtle golden shimmer. I couldn’t find anything in my nail polish stash that would remotely match or compliment this and since it did match my dress, I felt it would be alright. And it couldn’t have been more apt than for yesterday’s weather. The sun was out shining and the color was a perfect match to that. Unfortunately, with light still being scarce this time of year, my camera wasn’t able to pick up all the prettiness, but you catch the drift don’t you?

Which nail color can’t you pair with anything else?

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