My sunglasses collection

The sun is out showing its face and that means it’s time to wear sunglasses again! Over the years I have gathered quite a few and I already made a post with my sunglasses last year. However, in the past few months I bought some new ones yet again and so I thought it would be fun to show you where the collection now stands and some pics of me wearing them. I have 11 pairs in total, ranging from super cheap Primark ones to expensive brand ones (Rayban). You can go to last year’s post by clicking here.

Brown & grey H&M sunglasses

I’m not sure what to call the style of these sunglasses, but both are very similar in style, it’s just the color that’s different. I love how they have the gradient glasses and a nice retro feel to them. I get lots of compliments when I wear the grey ones. I bought both pairs last year.

Fake aviators (New York street vendor) & rhine stone studded key hole sunglasses (H&M)

The aviators I’ve had for years. They have mirrored glasses which I like, but I have to be in the mood for wearing these. Aviators aren’t all that flattering on me so I don’t wear them that often. The key hole sunglasses I bought for less than 2 euros from the H&M sale. I think they are cool but I have yet to have the guts to wear them out and about and pair them with an outfit. Any ideas as to what they might go with?

Matte coral/ red rubber framed Wayfarer style sunglasses (Top Shop), red sunglasses Sixx

The pair on the left I bought at Topshop when I was in London in February. I loved how they have a matte frame with a rubbery feel to it. Little did I know that this style will be all the rage this summer. The Sixx ones are a bit too big for me and the straight bridge across the nose makes my face very square, but they did a great job keeping the rain out of my face during Extrema.

Ice cream, rain & sunglasses @ Extrema 2011

Sunglasses with palm tree print & floral print (Primark)

These two pairs are both from Primark so they both cost around €2.50 I think. The one on the right I purchased just recently and it has a great sixties feel to it. The one with the palm tree print is just a fun pair that I bust out from time to time. The tropical print instantly adds a bit of summer to any outfit you’re wearing.

Red Wayfarer (Rayban, size 50) & black New Wayfarer (Rayban, size 52)

Now on to my favorite pairs of sunglasses: my beloved Raybans. These go with everything! My first pair of Raybans were the black ones on the right. I bought them at the airport on my way to London after owning a pair of knock offs for about a year and loving those. The New Wayfarer style had just been introduced and I bought them at a discount. The New Wayfarer is smaller than the original model, as you can see in the picture and I initially found the original fit too big for my narrow head. However, when I found this burned red colored one on sale at a sunglasses store in Amsterdam I couldn’t pass them up. Here are two pictures of me wearing them.

Wearing the red Wayfarers while having dinner @ Hard Rock Café in Amsterdam (2010)

Wearing the black New Wayfarers while listening to music on the train. Don’t remember when I took this, all I know is that I obviously lost some weight since then. 😉

Brown & gold Clubmaster with green tinted glasses (Rayban, size 51)

Finally, my favorite pair of sunglasses. I bought these last year with a Groupon from the Rayban store in Rotterdam because I wanted another pair of Raybans but in a different style and color than what I already had. I went specifically to that store to pick these up because most regular stores in the Netherlands don’t sell this model. The glasses are big, but since they are rounded they nicely cover the eye area. My biggest pet peeve about the Wayfarers is that when the sun shines on the glasses from behind you get blinded from the reflection. The Clubmasters don’t have that problem for me, so I wear these more often now. Plus they go with everything and in my opinion they look better on me than any other pair of sunglasses I own! This is what they look like on:

Wearing the Rayban Clubmasters (spring/ summer 2011)

That’s it! Those are my sunglasses. I used to hate buying and wearing sunglasses because I have a narrow face and the space between my eyes and eyebrows isn’t all that big. However, the past few years a number of styles have become fashionable that do look good on me. Hence the collection has grown tremendously. I tend to wear the Clubmasters on a day-to-day basis, but I alternate with the others whenever they fit better with an outfit.

What is your favorite pair of sunglasses?

4 responses to “My sunglasses collection”

  1. haha toevallig! Ik ben gister op zoek geweest naar een leuke zonnebril, maar kon gewoon niets leuks vinden 🙁 De meeste zijn veel te groot. Ik had een hele fijne van de H&M, maar die is gesneuveld in USA vorig jaar. Ga het weekend f de stad in voor nieuwe exemplaren.

    Leuke post weer 🙂

  2. Lekker bezig M . met al die blogjes zo. Heb jij geen werk? 😉 Ik zit alleen maar te zweten in een examenzaal of boven mijn eigen correctie… En de tweede correctie komt ook al binnen… Pffff….
    Enjoy the weather!


    • Tuurlijk wel! Ik maak foto’s in het weekend/ mn vrije dag en ik schrijf ze ‘s avonds. Komt geen werktijd bij kijken. Wij zijn nu druk bezig met lessen draaien. Nakijken begint bij mij pas weer vanaf 11 juni. Vanmiddag heb ik in deze hitte 3.5 uur presentatietentamens af zitten nemen in te heet lokaal. Dus denk maar niet dat ik het makkelijk heb. 😉 Nog veel ‘plezier’ met nakijken.

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