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Where yesterday I had a post up on writing, today it will be about reading. Just the other day I realized I never shared the blogs I like to read. I have shared youtube channels before, but no blogs as such. First up I’d like to say: I don’t read many blogs. I’m not one of those people who follows 200+ blogs on bloglovin’. I basically read blogs by people I know and all of those are linked in the blogroll widget in the column on the right side of the page. The other blogs I read are all about beauty and I have one which is the odd one out. Anywho, these are the blogs I check on a regular basis. To any English readers: most of these are in Dutch.

Let’s first of all start with my favorite Dutch beautyblog: The reason why this is my favorite blog is because it’s personal yet professional. I like this blog so much because the picture quality is great, there is a great variety in posts and the tutorials and eye looks are amazing. This girl definitely knows how to get creative with make up. Add an amazing personality and skill and you have the perfect combination. She is definitely not afraid of trying out new things and is very good at responding to comments left by her visitors. It gives her blog a personal touch while at the same time she manages to update you on the latest make up collections (also by brands that not everyone and their mother writes about) and share with you her latest shopping haul.

The second blog I like is Beautylab. What I like about this blog in particular are the DIYs and the way in which ingredients and the more ‘technical’ side of beauty are highlighted from time to time. The owner of this website, Serena Verbon, used to be a lab tech and she definitely uses that knowledge to write about beauty. This gives the website a unique angle. She is also a blogger whom I can most easily identify with: we’re the same age, she has lived in the USA and she has a love for baking. The fact that she also has a great sense of style is the icing on the cake.

I also really like the ladies Willemijn & Martine from What makes their blog fun to read is the fact that it’s not one but two people running the show. Sometimes they make joint videos, which always end up being hilarious, but they also make posts on an individual basis. I like how this gives you some more variety. Willemijn likes neutral, quiet looks, whereas Martine is a bit more of a daredevil when it comes to make up. To top it off they also have a great sense of humor. At times I find it a bit too much, but they definitely make me smile from time to time.

These 3 blogs are all huge in the Dutch beautyblogging landscape, but I also enjoy a blog that isn’t huge, yet. It’s a blog called LotteLovesBeauty. This blog is run by an aspiring elementary school teacher who likes her budget make up. I love how she can be over the moon about more expensive make up purchases. She helps me remember to also appreciate the small things in life. I could sometimes do without the continuous post about items from one haul (she often first shows a haul and then the next few days there will be articles about each individual product) but at times this is also handy when you see a product you are curious about in one of the hauls.

Then I also like to read two other major Dutch beautyblogs: Misslipgloss and Beautygloss. Although lately I have begun to find these blogs less interesting. Mainly because they keep posting updates on parties, or pictures from their daily lives. Apparently some of these posts are some of their most popular features, so I understand why they do them, but for me personally it’s not exactly my cup of tea. I still enjoy them though as they usually are first with information on new products that are yet to be released. I also like Misslipgloss for featuring articles on organic beauty products. A strength of Beautygloss for me is the owner’s love for high end products.

Last but not least, I also decided to list a non-beauty blog. Like I said I mainly read blogs on beauty (and I watch vlogs about fashion mostly), but there is one blog that I check regularly that has nothing to do with beauty at all and it’s Robsessed. My only source on all things Robert Pattinson. It’s the only one I read because these ladies have a great sense of humor and do know how to take things with a grain of salt. I sometimes get annoyed by the constant praise for his-Holy-Robness as they have dubbed him by now (that’s only one of the many nicknames they use), that is one thing I sometimes wish would change. Not everything he does is great you know…

Which blogs do you follow? Or do you maybe have a blog which you think I should check out? Let me know it a comment below!

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