New in: green Asos court heels

They arrived! The other day I tweeted doubting whether I should buy these shoes from I am not too keen on buying shoes online as my feet are slightly weird. One foot is larger than the other and the other is wider which makes certain shoes, especially heels, difficult to fit into properly. Add the fact that my feet have shrunk half a size over the past few months and I just wasn’t all that sure. I just prefer trying shoes on before laying down the cold hard cash. This time I made an exception because less than 40 euros for a pair of genuine leather shoes is a steal and I had been wanting a pair of green heels for quite some time.

Asos Green Poppet Platform Courts

When I first tried on the shoes they were super uncomfortable. I didn’t have time to return them straight away so when I got home later that night I tried them on again and kept them on my feet for a while. And lo and behold, they became comfier every time I slipped them on. I guess my feet still have to get used to the way the shoes fit as these are my highest pairs yet. The shoes have a 13 cm heel with a 2.5 cm platform. The platform makes them manageable and the heel is sturdy enough. They are tight, but I am also figuring that sizing up would make them too big. The leather will become softer over time anyway.  just need to break them in. So I think I will just slip these babies on from time to time before actually wearing them to work.

I was wearing these while grabbing something in the kitchen and my housemate walked in: Wow you’re tall! these babies give me so much extra height. It’s amazing. Now I finally know what it’s like to be average height j/k ;-).

This picture shows the color a bit better. My camera had (once again) problems with picking up the actual color and texture of the shoe.

See, they do fit! I think here you can also see why these take some getting used to. You foot really has to arch into the shoe for it to stick. Since I don’t own any pairs that make my foot do that, it felt awkward at first, but it’s surprisingly painless after a few tries.

Do you like my new babies as much as I do? What’s the highest pair of heels you own?

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      • Begrijpelijk! Neem je tijd 🙂 die donkerblauwe panty staat er in ieder geval heel mooi bij. Grappig, aan je foto’s te zien dacht ik juist dat je vrij lang zou zijn!

      • Nee ik ben echt een ukkie. Ben maar 1.56! Ik heb denk ik al een klein ideetje voor een outfit. In ieder geval de onderkant… Nu de bovenkant nog.

  1. Gaaf zeg, leuk dat ze toch blijken te passen!
    Over kleur en fotocamera’s: dat blijft moeilijk… wij fotograferen wel eens bloemen op vakantie, maar vooral paarse kleuren komen vaak verkeerd uit. Bij verschillende toestellen hetzelfde probleem. Het is denk ik een technische kwestie die niet simpel op te lossen is.

    • Ja het is gewoon zo raar. Als je dan door je zoeker kijkt ziet het er prima uit. Klik je om een foto te maken en ziet de kleur er heel anders uit. Mijn camera heeft het echt met alle felle en donkere kleuren. Heel jammer. En alles wat licht is is ook meteen heel licht. Blegh.

  2. I love them, tho I probably couldn’t pull off the colour myself. I want to be average height too *pouts*

    I think 2 inch at the moment is the biggest. I used to have 4 when I was in highschool (for school shoes)… but they weren’t heels… they were shoes with a thick heel if that makes sense.

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