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Magazines. I go through phases where I devour each and every single one out there, but can also go months without buying a single issue. I used to have a subscription to Time Magazine as well as Newsweek. I mainly bought them to keep up to date with current affairs and, believe it or not, to improve my English. Those magazines are something completely different to the magazines featured in this post though. I gave up Newsweek a few years ago and earlier this year I also cancelled my Time Magazine subscription. So now the only type of magazine I still read are fashion magazines. These are my favorites.

Vogue Nederland

The latest addition to the Dutch magazine landscape. We now finally have our own version of Vogue and I have been enjoying it very much ever since the first issue. I like the mixture of fashion, art and the slightly more highbrow approach. It’s a magazine that I read, not just to stay up to date with trends, but to also learn something new. They feature some interesting interviews and the contributors are usually pretty interesting too.

Glamour Nederland

The first women’s magazine that had me interested. I first read Glamour 7 years ago when I lived in the States. Unfortunately when I came home, they didn’t have it here. It didn’t take long though and I also enjoyed the Dutch version. To me, Glamour is more like a look book with lots of pictures and little text. It’s a breeze to browse through and I love how it’s not so big so it will easily fit into any bag.

Elle Nederland

My newest discovery magazine wise. I never really liked Elle until recently. It’s right in between Glamour and Vogue for me, with plenty of information and pictures on current trends. They also feature some lengthier interviews and inspiring articles. With Elle I do browse through it before buying it, because I don’t find the issues interesting every month. In the stack you will also find a UK Elle which I bought on vacation.

Nylon & Company magazines

Last but not least there’s some foreign magazines. I love buying magazines when I’m in other countries. I brought home about 15 or so magazines after my US vacation and it took me more than 6 weeks to read them all. But I loved it. Company is a UK mag that I really liked. A bit gossipy at times, but I loved the overall vibe. Very girly and edgy. And what to say about Nylon? I had heard of it, but had never browsed through an issue. Nylon is like the indie version of Vogue: fashionable but slightly more hipster with more information about brands you’ve never heard of and a good selection of music and movies.

That’s it! What are your favorites?

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