Current favorite songs (October 2012)

I had hardly any time to listen to any new music these past 6 weeks or so. Work has been consuming most of my time and once home I simply didn’t feel like trying to hunt down any new things. It’s not that I haven’t been looking for new music, it’s just that I haven’t had to time to listen to any of it. September/ October is always a rather crazy time with the school year starting back up. Last month I didn’t even have a post like this up, and this month’s will be decidedly shorter than usual, but hey, it’s here nonetheless.

Alabama Shakes – Heartbreaker:

So you like the Black Keys? Or The Heavy? Then you’ll definitely like this song by Alabama Shakes. Slow and painful, you can feel the heartache through the song. Plus the lead singer can belt his little heart out like no other.

Villagers – The Waves:

My two big loves of the year are Alt-J and Django Django. This song by The Villagers falls into the same category. A mixture of electronic music and ‘real’ instruments, with a minimal feel to it that eventually swells into an array of sound that pounds in your ears and shakes you to your core. I’m thinking: this song, train, sunset = perfection.

Waylayers – Weightless:

A hint of new wave, a hint of something different, this song sounds as if Bloc Party and Hurts had a baby with a wave of something catchy added into the mix. I can’t really pinpoint what it is: the continuous drums, the simple ‘melody line’ or the melancholy sounds of the vocals. It’s perfect for dark dreary days though.

Future Islands – Tomorrow:

This song has something calm and something insane. All in one song. I’m sure this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I like it. It’s got a hint of gospel, with a hint of blues, with a nice soft pulsing beat in the background.

Boy – Boris:

Two ladies harmonizing about a man trying to seduce a girl set to a simple guitar and drum arrangement. In other words: music in a pure and enchanting form. Their voices are simply angelic and the simplicity of the music really makes you focus on the song itself and the meaning behind it.

What are your favorites of the moment?

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