My blazer collection

Nothing can make or break an outfit as much as a blazer. It can make you look smart and dressed up, or casual and relaxed. It can be a statement piece or something more toned down. Needless to say, blazers are a staple in my wardrobe and I have gathered quite a few over the years. From cropped to slouchy, from dressy to casual: I have a blazer for every occasion. Here are the blazers I own and how and when I wear them.

Black pin stripe blazer (???)

I honestly don’t know where I bought this, but I’ve had it for ages. I bought this when I was still a student to do my first round of job interviews. It’s quite dressy and paired with a skirt or nice pants it makes for a great business outfit.

Brown checkered blazer with sweater detail (Vero Moda)

This one I do remember buying, be it roughly. I’ve had this particular jacket for almost 8 years. Even though I don’t wear it often, I still love the look of this. There is not an actual sweater underneath it, but the pieces have been sown into the back giving it a more casual feel. I tend to wear this with jeans, as is, making the jacket the center piece of the outfit.

Grey pin stripe suit jacket (Mango)

Yes, I own a suit and this is the jacket that goes with it. I bought it almost 4 years ago when I again did job interviews. I have never worn the suit, so pants and jacket, together. That is just too matchy matchy for me. No, instead, I wear this blazer on a dressy pair of black pants and I pair the pants with a blouse.

Cropped unlined navy blazer (Vero Moda)

Dark blue is one of my favorite colors and this blazer is very comfortable. Because it has no lining, it’s not too constricting and you can easily stick it in the wash. I love the added stripe detail when you roll the sleeves. This is one of my casual blazers. I have worn it in this outfit of the day.

Navy corduroy blazer (H&M)

This jacket is a bit too big on me right now, but I still like it. And with all those corduroy items out in stores now, it is also bang on trend. So hip hip hooray for my keeping it all these years. It’s a very dark navy and the buttons close up pretty high which again makes me wear this jacket as is. I especially like pairing this with light grey bottoms.

Green wool felt blazer (ONLY)

One of the oldest pieces of clothing I have. In other words: this has been in my closet longest. It’s insanely warm (I have used this as a spring jacket in the past) and right now I mostly wear it on colder days when I don’t feel like wearing a sweater. The color is a lot brighter in real life than on the picture so you can say this is very much a statement piece. The lighter colored seams and bright green buttons add a nice detail that make this jacket a real eyecatcher.

Black wool felt uniform style jacket (ONLY)

I bought this jacket on sale for a fraction of the actual cost. It’s again thick and warm and I usually wear this on its own, instead of a sweater, when it’s cold. You can see me wearing it in this outfit of the day post, but I have to warn you that the pictures aren’t the best.

Black linen jacket (Miss Etam)

Meet my casual black jacket. This is quite possibly my most worn blazer. It’s easy to throw on, goes with pretty much everything and it’s insanely comfortable. I wear this over dresses, with skirts, pants, you name it.

Red boyfriend blazer (vintage)

This jacket is so soft! And I love the blazing red color. It has a quite boxy fit to it, since I think it was made in the 80s, but it’s super comfortable and fits perfectly. I like wearing this with a grey t-shirt underneath while wearing my high waisted chino jeans. Pair of brogues and it’s an instant smart/ casual look.

Grey casual blazer (H&M)

Since I have a casual black blazer, I also needed a casual grey blazer. I haven’t worn this much yet as I tend to pick the black over the grey, but I still like it and wear it nonetheless. Nice touches here: the details on the lining and the fact that it has elbow patches (not visible in the picture). Again just something I throw on with a pair of jeans.

Beige blazer (H&M)

This is my latest addition to my blazer collection. I tend to buy blazers in summer as the summer collection ones aren’t as warm as the winter ones and make for better layering. That’s also why I bought this. I wanted a light colored blazer that was not too casual and not too dressed up. Hence this goes both ways: wear it with a highwaisted dressy skit and it’s dressed up, wear it with jeans and a bright colored t-shirt and it’s more casual.

Red floral jacket (Vero Moda)

The most fun jacket I own must be this one: it’s bright, it’s floral, it’s a blazer, it’s a sport’s jacket and it has bow details on the pockets. What else could a girl wish for? Obviously I tend to wear this in the spring as it is super light weight and with a neutral shirt underneath gives an instant touch to an otherwise ordinary outfit.

Light pink polka dot cropped blazer (H&M)

Last but not least is this number. Again: this can be casual, this can be smart. I actually wore this to several job interviews over spring paired with a black pencil skirt, black tights and black stilettos. With jeans or a less dressy skirt this blazer will make for a effortlessly casual look.

What is your take on blazers? Do you love them or hate them?


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