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Ah oui! Les chansons francaise! I like listening to songs in foreign languages from time to time. Most of the songs I listen to are in English, but adding some French, German, Italian and even Korean to the mix does keep everything nice and lively. Out of all foreign languages (so for me besides Dutch and English) I love listening to French music most. There is just something about songs sung in French. I can sometimes understand parts, but definitely not everything and so the language adds a bit of mystery to the songs. And yet, I can sing along to them and figure out the lyrics.  Today I give to you, 8 magnificent songs: from classic chansons to noise pop and singer/ songwriter and all in French of course. Enjoy!

Coeur de Pirate – Comme des Enfants

If there is one thing they are good at in French it’s making cutesy songs. This is a particularly good example. It’s her voice combined with the music that remind me of long summer days and ice cream.

Dumas – Passer a l’Ouest

That the guys can be as serene sounding and can have a major cute factor in their music is proven by this song by Dumas. I love his smooth voice and the more indie pop vibe of this song.

Johnny Hallyday – Allumer le Feu

That French music can rock out majorly is proven by Johnny Hallyday. This 1998 song would not sound misplaced in a stadium full of people belting their hearts out.

La Femme – La Femme Resort

And if rock music can work, then why not something new wave-y? That’s what La Femme must have thought for sure. Has a nice beat as well.

Jacques Brel – Madeleine (Live)

What French music of course is best known for are the chansons of the 50s and 60s. Not technically French, as he was Belgian, Jacques Brel is the one who got me interested in French music. No one sings like this guy can sing and all his songs are different. Never a dull moment when you listen to his music.

Peter Peter – Tergiverse

Time for something a bit more modern and also something more singer/ songwriter inspired. I don’t know why, but for some reason the prettiest French songs always have this ‘whispered’ quality to them. I thought for a while it was a ‘women’ only phenomenon, but this guy does it too (plus the girl from Coeur de Pirate does some addlipping)

We Are Wolves – Magique

Now for something completely different: French noise pop. Outrageous song with an outrageously weird video. But cool nonetheless.

Edith Piaf – Le Vieux Piano

Of course the queen of French language songs cannot be left out of a post like this. Again sublime vocals and none of her songs are boring. If you haven’t listened to anything by her yet: make haste because you’re missing out!

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