Budget make up favorites #2

Despite my love for high end brands such as MAC, Benefit, Dior and Urban Decay amongst others, I also have a lot of love for budget proof make up. So much so that I already wrote about my budget make up favorites before. Please click here to read that post. Today is a complete new one featuring everything from lips, cheeks, nails and eyes. Read on to find out more.

1.) HEMA blending brush

I have two of these. That’s how much I love them. I don’t use these for blending though. My favorite way of using these is as a crease brush or to apply only a sheen of eyeshadow color to my eyelids. They don’t pick up too much product allowing you to build up colors nicely. Also an ideal brush to add a medium shade to blend a darker color into a lighter one.

Catrice lipstick in Oh Juicy, Colour Bomb, Let’s Dance Salsa

2.) Catrice Ultimate lipsticks

Aren’t these lipsticks gorgeous? And who would have guessed these are only 4 euros a pop? Not only do they look cool in the packaging, they also slide on smoothly, have great color pay off and the color selection is pretty good. Catrice has two main lines of lipsticks: the Ultimate Color line and Ultimate Shine. The colors I have are, from left to right: Oh Juice (Ultimate Color in a bright orange), Colour Bomb (Velvet Lip Color in a bright coral shade and a dupe for MAC’s Watch me Simmer), and Let’s Dance Salsa (discontinued Ultimate Shine in a sparkly reddish pink).

Essence nail polish in Walk on Air, In Style, Choose Me!, Be Optimistic!, Circus Confetti & Night in Vegas

Catrice nail polish in Genius in a Bottle, Sold Out Forever, Raspberry Fields Forever, Up in the Air, Holo Que Tal?, Million Dollar Baby

3.) Catrice & Essence nail polish

That good quality nail polish doesn’t have to cost a fortune is proven by Catrice and sister brand Essence. Catrice polishes retail for 2.79, whereas Essence ones cost around 1.50. The color selection is great with Catrice producing near dupes of Chanel polishes and Essence having a great selection of top coats in their regular collection. Earlier this year Catrice came out with a special top coat collection called Million Styles, which is now being repromoted for the Holidays. I bought quite a few of them a the time and swatched them too. Click here to read my post on the Catrice Million Styles polishes.

Essence lip liners in Red Blush & Nude Coral, kohl eyeliner in Night Fever, Check Me Out & Cool Breeze.

4.) Essence kohl pencil eye & lip liners

I don’t use lip liners all that often, which is why cheap ones like these from Essence are great. If I go for a red lip that I want to last all day then I can, but I didn’t spend a fortune on a lipliner that is mostly just sitting there. As for the eyeliners: the kohl pencil liners from Essence come in a great color selection and again are a fantastic choice if you need a color you will not wear on a daily basis. Both pencils are a bit hard, but you can hold them briefly in a flame to soften them up.

ELF studio blush in Berry Merry & Mellow Mauve

5.) ELF studio blush

Two of my favorite blushes in my make up collection are these two ELF blushes. I even features one of them, Mellow Mauve, in my favorite blushes for fall/ winter post which you can find by clicking here. These are nicely pigmented come in a charade of colors and only cost 3.50 a piece. Too bad shipping is so outrageously expensive to the Netherlands, else this would definitely be a steal. But if you know you want to buy some more products, or when you share the costs with a friend then the 7+ euros for shipping won’t be too much of a problem.

Do you have any budget favorites that I have missed?

3 responses to “Budget make up favorites #2”

      • I got a pout polish in electro peach (don’t go by the colour on the site, it’s nothing like that it’s like a bright deep coral colour) and Glossed lip gloss in Rumour. Only thing I don’t like is they have the vanilla scent which I’m not a fan off but I can deal with that.
        They had a 3 for 2 offer in Superdrug here so I decided to try a few new things out, I got that and the Maybelline One by One Mascara 🙂

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