Current favorite songs (December 2012)

Due to the fact that the year is coming to an end, my current music favorites are coming to you a bit early. But I’m sure you don’t mind. I have plenty of other plans for next week’s post, and yes they also include music (amongst other things). For now, though, we are still focusing on the here and now, and thus I thought it would be apt to share some songs again. I have decided to change things up a bit when it comes to how I post the songs. Before I gave you youtube clips, but since more and more I can’t find things on youtube, I’ve decided to resort to soundcloud. It will load a lot faster and you will still be able to stream the songs straight from the blog.

I hope you enjoy and as always it’s the quite the mix: some chillwave, some hiphop, some rock, some new wave type stuff and some singer/ songwriter things too.

Veto – Duck Hush and be Still

Starting off this post with some 80s inspired rock with plenty of electronic influences. It’s a bit dark and has a nice beat. I love the vocals on this. It has something slightly haunting to it plus I love the lyrics: Duck for the camera lens, Hush for the microphone, Do whatever you can, Where you are, To change all the things, That are wrong, With this place/ With yourself.

(and that picture is totally inappropriate, but the song doesn’t come with a different one. blegh)

Tennis – Origins

Time for something more upbeat! To my surprise I haven’t featured Tennis on here yet, apart from a mention in my US holiday shoplog because I purchased their album. And I only purchase albums when I really really like the music. So that should be worth something. Anywho, as depressing as that first song was, this one is much more lively and happy. It’s got a bit of surfsound going on and immediately the sun starts shining just a tad brighter. Think California summer in a song, that’s what this is.

Liz Wood – Ruin

Singer/ songwriter guitar song that starts off all nice and acoustic, but adds a bit of spice and meat to it as it builds up. In a way this reminds me of Lana Del Ray: if LDR would start making more guitar driven songs that are better sung and have way more interesting lyrics. In other words, if Lana Del Rey would get past the stylized videos and actually put some more effort into the music, you’d get something like this.

Azelia Banks – 212 ft. Lazy Jay

I am like the last person to jump on the bandwagon for this one and it has been on my radar since before summer, but somehow I didn’t get into it until I came across it again last week. It’s been on repeat ever since. Love the beat. The lyrics are harsh, but that’s hiphop for ya. I especially love the middle part where the song slows down (love the lyric bit there too) and then that hard break with the thumping electro beat. I just love the contrasts in this song.

Poor Spirits – Dust

More electro! But this time more on the chillwave/ indie side of the specter. Although you can’t really call this chillwave, I still think this song has a relaxed vibe to it. I’ve been loving plenty of other songs by Poor Spirits this year. So this song did not come as a surprise to me.

Grizzly Bear – Sleeping Ute

My favorite song of their album Shields. This song just stands out. I mean: folky rock sounds with a waltz like rhythm combined with acoustic guitar riffs AND electronic sound effects. That definitely gets onto my radar. It’s all the things I love in one song.

Kruismode – Yours

On to something much more indie electro. Say hello to repetitive break beats and morphed vocals. Starts slow and thumping, but picks up and becomes more beat driven after a while. Takes a while to start though, but then you do get a magnificent song filled with interesting rhythm changes and a cool laid back vibe.

Milo Greene – 1957

If you like your male singer/ songwriters then you will like this. You will sing along to the chorus within two seconds, has a great folky vibe combined with some pop, vocal harmonies and it will make you miss summer all over again. Reminisce about long walks on the beach, eating ice cream and riding your bicycle with the wind in your back and play this. I swear it works.

Hooray for Earth – Never

Quite possibly the most inaccessible song on the list. The intro is vague and very unstructured. But from the unstructured noise one of the best guitar riffs of the years eventually develops matched by some of the tightest drum rhythms. A hint of 80s new wave, with a bit of chill wave, mixed with a catchy poppy chorus a la Duran Duran and some weird sound effects make this song one you keep listening to.

Odesza – iPlayYouListen

To end today’s post, I have one of the most interesting songs in a long time. Enter break beats, minimal vocals, loopy sound effects and here you have a super duper relaxed song with a memorable piano tune. It sounds like a more outspoken form of chill wave and what’s more: you can download the song and album for free via the soundcloud link.

That’s it for this month’s round. Tell me, do you like these monthly posts on my current favorite music? Should I do them more often? Less often? Let me know in a comment.

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