Massive music of the Moment (March 2013 #1)

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It’s that time of the week again: time for MUSIC! And there’s going to be a lot of it this time round. I finished going through my playlist and while doing that I found quite a few songs that I felt worth sharing. In fact, I found so many that I can fill not one but two blog posts with it, so know that another music post will be up in a few days again. That next post will have a bit of a theme to it, today’s post however doesn’t. It’s just a collection of songs that I’ve been listening to and hadn’t gotten round to sharing yet. After this look at old but still newish songs I can promise you that in the second half of March I’ll have a bunch of posts coming up with songs that have come out in the past 2- 3 months or so. But for now I have 16 songs in no particular order for your entertainment. Enjoy!

Octo Octa – Deep Hurt

Dance/ lounge type song with repetitive beats and loopy vocal samples. In other words: my beloved chill wave to the max. To me it has a summer vibe going on and reminds me of songs that are/ used to be on these Supperclub/ Chill in Ibiza CDs in the 90s.

Sia – Death by Chocolate

My new favorite song to sing along to at the top of my lungs. I’ve had this song for ages, but somehow didn’t put it on repeat until now. Most people now Sia from her collaborations with David Guetta, but her work as a solo artist is well worth a listen, though entirely different.

Maribou State – Scarlett Groove (ft. Saint Saviour)

Can you tell I just want it to be summer? When days are still somewhat cold and dreary I always prefer listening to music that gives me a summery feeling. This is one of them. The perfect soundtrack for the sun which is slowly coming out this week. Oh yeah and it’s more repetitive chill wave stuff, of course.

Girraffage – Feels

Suddenly I hear Girraffage’s music popping up everywhere. At least in the fashion videos I watch on Youtube. It seems to have become the new poster child of hipster music in a way, but Girraffage is so much more than that. Great rhythms and minimal other instruments make this a gem in my music collection.

Shock – Heaven

Droning beats make you think this song will be just like every other electro indie pop song out there. The song will surprise you though, by slowly adding layer after layer, this song builds up to a full blown shoe gaze song.

Ponderosa – Get a Gun

I bought this album on a whim, based mainly on the amazingly colorful cover of the sleeve. I still have to give the album a more thorough listen because every time I hear it I hear more and more interesting things. So far this slow, cobbling song stands out most to me. It reminds me of Pink Floyd on Dark Side of the Moon.

Les Loups – Elephant & Ivory

Woohoo! It’s time for summer. This song makes me want to cruise around while eating ice cream. No, seriously. Again repetitive and droning beats, but this time with a very happy go lucky vibe to it. There are some hints of funk and jazz fused into the song as well making you want to listen to it over and over again.

Wye Oak – Spiral

Another shoegaze type song, but this time with a catchy guitar riff to it. It’s a fairly laid back song. A bit more rock oriented, this song is great if you need a break from all the chill wave in this post.

Toro Y Moi – Say That

Two years ago, Toro Y Moi’s New Beat was my go to song all summer. Say That is definitely on course for becoming just that again. This indie electro song is upbeat and uplifting. Especially a good listen if you’ve had a rough day and you need that extra little oomph to keep you going.

Pablo Nouvelle – Is it OK (ft. Fiona Daniel)

Indiepop song with some chillwave elements. I love this clash! It’s the best of both worlds in a song. There are enough beats to give the song a certain drive, but the intervals and breaks give the song a different vibe and make it stand out easily.

Poor Spirits – VVOVV

Instrumental indie electro song that has great rhythms and excels in its minimal use of sound. However, it still manages to create a full sound and the melody line that eventually catches on half way through the song adds a bit of catchiness, but not too much.

True Tiger – Big Love ft. Maiday (Haze Remix)

I love the build up of this! The use of dubstep elements gives this otherwise pretty straightforward dance like song a different feel and keeps it interesting.

Mike Sheridan & Mads Langer – Too Close

Indie electro pop song with Mads “Beauty of the Dark” Langer on vocals. Dark and mysterious and the repetition of the line ‘Breaking through my defenses’ give this song a slightly haunting quality. It’s simply divine.

Peace – Wraith

Only rock song in today’s selection. Catchy, straightforward indie rock with a catchy guitar riff. Sometimes simple works just as good.

Vacationer – Trip (Mmoths remix)

When  an artist calls himself Vacationer than you can bet on his songs sounding like vacation right? Well it certainly is the case here. Summer in a song. Let spring commence and summer come quickly please!

Plastic Flowers – White Walls Painted Black

And to end this selection of songs, we’ll have another repetitive loopy song. Drawing heavily on repeating the same couple of chords over and over, this song still doesn’t get boring. Every time you think: yep and now I’m done something new is added which keeps you interested. Clever!

Pfff what a long haul that was. I don’t think I ever stuck this much music into one post. Well I hope you enjoy and have been given some new music to sink your teeth into.

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  1. Janneke Z Avatar
    Janneke Z

    Music music music…. Please keep it coming, got some great new ideas from this post and the ones in Feb.
    Me, a happy girl 😀

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      hihi. More will come soon! No worries. 😉

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