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On Monday you could read I attended the Beautygloss party and that I went to the UK on a study trip. Both occasion of course made excellent opportunities to shop for some beauty products. Here’s what I got from Boots, Superdrug, Primark, and the shops at the party. I went on a major lipstick binge! I will simply show you what I got and I will indicate where I got it in the picture description.

Missha Perfect Cover BB cream in No. 13 Bright Beige

My favorite BB cream! At the Beautygloss party there was a stand from a European BB cream shop. When I read that I knew I had to visit their shop. I purchased a sample size of this stuff from Ebay last year and loved it. It is not made for dry skin, but I simply use a day cream underneath and it works fine. They also had one which was specially for dry and dehydrated skin, but that felt so wet, and I’m no fan of that. So I decided to stick to this. You can read my review here.

Dr. van der Hoog face masks in Amazing Avocado, Fabulous Fruits, Funny Figs and Crazy Cranberry

My favorite brand for one time use face masks in Dr. van der Hoog. I already knew the avocado and cranberry versions as I’ve tried them before and loved them. They also had a few which I didn’t know, so I decided to give them a shot.

Square paddle hair brush (Primark)

I love my hair brush but it’s getting a bit old, plus I don’t have a big big hair brush yet. This will be a good addition to my ever grown collection of hair tools.

Sally Hansen hand cream

Free bee after getting a manicure at the Sally Hansen stand at the Beauty Gloss party.

Konad and Niju face masks

Another free bee! I won this set of face masks from Enchantra, a Dutch online make up store at the Beauty Gloss Party. They are mostly sheet masks which I had never used before. I tried the Aloe Vera one last weekend and really liked it. Very moisturizing.

Barry M  nail polish in Blueberry, Papaya & Pink Sapphire glitter, Angelica nail polish in Spring Break, Golden Rose Jolly Jewels in 105 & 106


Barry M  nail polish in Blueberry (no. 1), Papaya (no. 2) & Pink Sapphire glitter (no. 20 – on the right), Angelica nail polish in Spring Break (no. 19), Golden Rose Jolly Jewels in 105 (no. 4) & 106 (no. 3)

Rimmel Kate Matte lipsticks in 101 and 111 Kiss of Life

At the Beautygloss event, there was a Rimmel stand where you could get your make up touched up. It was near the end of the day and I was eyeballing these two pretty lipsticks. Both matte and absolutely gorgeous. I tried the lipstick when they touched up my look and loved it so I bought it along with this pinky nude color.

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Laquer in Apocaliptic

I fell in love with this raspberry color the minute I saw swatches. I just new I had to have this, but at more than 10 euros I thought the price quite steep. That’s why, I bought mine in the UK rather than the Netherlands as Rimmel is cheaper over there.

Topshop Rio Rio matte lipstick

Another red lipstick! Somebody stop me! The minute I saw this orange-toned red in Topshop I was drawn to it though. I have no clue whether it will look nice on me, but we’ll see. I love how bright it is and it’s matte. Matte red lipsick = <3.

Maybelline Vivids in 902 Fuchsia Flash & 903 Hot Plum

When I saw UK and US beauty gurus talking about these I immediately wondered when they would be introduced over here. I haven’t seen nor heard anything about these being introduced any time soon tough so when I wasn’t sure which color to get I simply went with both. When swatched they are pretty similar, despite the color in the tube, but the effect when you wear this is very different.

Revlon Lip Butters in Strawberry Shortcake and Wild Watermelon

Another one of those: I wished these were easier to find where I live type of product. Revlon is available in the Netherlands, but nowhere close to where I live. And that’s a shame, because I love love love these things. I bought one in Berry Smoothie in the US last summer and regretted not getting more. For spring, Revlon put out some new colors so I went with the pinky red and a more neutral tone. These butters condition your lips while giving it a bit of color, yet they are much more than just a colored lipbalm as they actually have some staying power. Best of bought worlds.


Rimmel Kate Matte lipsticks in 101 and 111 Kiss of Life

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Laquer in Apocaliptic

Topshop Rio Rio matte lipstick

Maybelline Vivids in 902 Fuchsia Flash & 903 Hot Plum

Revlon Lip Butters in Strawberry Shortcake and Wild Watermelon

Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in no. 1 Fair

Ah yes, of course I couldn’t leave the UK with THE cult make up product: the Collection concealer. Apparently this is one of the most long lasting, easy to blend concealers on the market. I am curious to try it and at 4 pounds, it really won’t be an issue if it’s bad.

Maybelline color tattoo in Lights in Purple

Another thing we don’t have: a big range of color tattoos. Luckily, most of the colors available in the UK are also the ones we have over here, but one color instantly stood out. A frosty purple-y blue, dare I say: periwinkle blue (my favorite color for all things make up this spring). Plus it turns more blue or more purple depending on how the light hits it. Oh yes, it’s duochrome to make things even better. You can imagine my joy at finding this.

Sleek Laguna Palette


Another you-cannot-leave-the-UK-without-buying-this product: a Sleek eyeshadow palette. Now this is my 8th Sleek palette I believe, but I simply can’t get enough of them. And can you spot those seagreen and purply-e blues? Yes, I think you are catching my drift. And I was in the UK anywayz, saves shipping costs you know ;-).

That’s all I got from the party and the UK drugstore. I think I need help with my new found lipstick obsession. What’s your opinion?

4 responses to “UK & Beautygloss party shoplog”

  1. Wat een leuke producten heb je gekocht! Die color tattoo vind ik prachtig en dat Sleek palet bevat mooie kleuren. Maar ook de lipsticks en nagellakjes zien er zeker niet verkeerd uit. Die Jolly Jewels lakjes van Golden Rose heb ik ook en die zijn echt leuk!

  2. I think I’m gonna try out that concealer soon.

    I loooooooooove the Lagoon Sleek palette but I gotta ask… how does “Reflection” show up for you, cus mine just doesn’t work that well. All the other colours are awesome however.

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