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Apparently there is a nail polish tag… Yup, I found this over at Lidewij’s blog and thought I’d do it too. Because really it makes sense I do a nail polish tag, because when it comes to make up and beauty products, nail polish was my first love and I’m pretty sure it will be my last (bonus points if you know where I get that cheesy line from). I translated the questions from Dutch, but if you care to have the Dutch questions than you can find them over at the source. Now let us commence!

My favorite brand: OPI

1. How many nail polishes do you have?

As it stands now: 269. Yup I bought quite a few since I filled out that make up by numbers tag a few weeks ago.

2. Of which brand do you have the most nail polishes?

OPI. It is my favorite brand and I have 39 OPI nail polishes in total. This is closely followed by Catrice with 32 polishes.

3. Which color is represented most in your nail polish collection?

I have absolutely no clue, as I tend to switch things up frequently and buy and wear whatever suits my mood. I´ve been going quite heavy on the glitter top coats lately but glitter isn´t a color of course.

I should get back into doing simple nail art…

4. Are there any colors or finishes you do not own?

I think I own about every finish and every texture out there: from crackle to liquid sand, from glitter to matte and from metallic to creme. My favorite to wear however is a solid creamy color as a base with a glitter top coat over it.

5. Which nail polish do you wear most?

Like I said, my nail polish wearing state is subject to mood. Therefore I do not have one nail polish I wear most. What I can tell you is that I wore a lot of orangy reds over summer and the only nail polish I ever finished a bottle of is Rose Lounge from the Bourjois So Laque line.

6. Which nail polish that you keep makes you wonder why you haven’t thrown it out yet/

The bright orange Collection 2000 nail polish that I’ve had since I was 12 (back when the brand was still sold in NL). Orange is not my favorite color and this shade is just BOOM in your face orange. I’m keeping it for Queen’s/ King’s Day I guess.

W7: looks like OPI but costs only 2.50 a bottle

7. Do you use a base and topcoat?

Always! I don’t want my nails to go yellow and without a top coat my nail polish lasts an hour at best.

8. Do you prefer free hand nail art or stamps?

Free hand. I’ve never used a stamp set. My nails are notoriously small so anything other than polkadots or a few stripes simply doesn’t fit.

9. Creme finish or glitter & shimmer?

For a color I prefer a creme finish. Nothing beats a nicely pigmented solid color creme finish nail polish. You can always jazz it up with a top coat if you get bored. And so that’s what I do most often: add a bit of glitter to add some pizazz.

10. Do you feel naked without nail polish?

I used to as I wore nail polish all the time for 3 years straight. I had to to keep my nails somewhat strong and from breaking any chance they got. Now, however, I have been able to make my natural nails strong and I found that when I wore nail polish they started breaking. So the past few months I’ve been wearing little to no nail polish. Hence the lack of nail polish related posts.

11. What nail polish are you currently wearing?

Trind Nail Repair. Not a real nail polish of course, but I’m trying a 14-day nail strengthener treatment to make my nails strong enough again for wearing actual nail polish. I’m almost done! Next week I will be able to paint my nails again. 🙂

12. How many nail polishes did you purchase in the past week?

In the past week: none. But the past few months I went a little nail polish crazy. I think I bought 30 nail polishes since the end of August. But who can blame me? With all those lovely fall & holiday collections out, fall is usually the best time for buying nail polish.

Feel free to take over this tag if you’re interested. What I’m interested in is:

What is your favorite brand of nail polish?

5 responses to “Nail polish tag”

  1. Nina Avatar

    Leuke tag!

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar


  2. AWildDog Avatar

    Favourite brand is probably Barry M. Although I have such a mixture of brands because I haven’t found many truly awful polish brands. Really cheap brands can be a more hit and miss – either goopy or like unicorn pee for coverage, but hey if they’re cheap I don’t mind too much that they’re not perfect.

  3. Lidewij Avatar

    Dit vind ik zo’n leuke tag, en wat leuk dat je hem door mij bent gaan doen 🙂 je hebt wel echt megaveel nagellak zeg, en ook nog eens hele mooie merken! Tof om te zien!

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Eh ja. Ik heb een beetje een uit de hand gelopen hobby/ verslaving voor nagellak.

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