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One type of blog post I have started noticing many bloggers investing their time in are their life in pictures. Whether it’s a plog, a weekly update or a more seasonal approach: a peek into someone’s life is apparently something that people like to see. I am very careful about what I post about myself on this space. My job simply doesn’t allow me to profusely capture every moment of my day or share every whimper and opinion. For one, it would breach the relationship I have with my colleagues and students. With a job in education you cannot go about snapping pictures of students working hard in your classroom, or what you are discussing in meetings. Many of those things are confidential and I find it unlikely that a weekly snapshot of an identical looking empty classroom or what my desk looks like this week would be of interest to anyone. I do have an Instagram account (@indiequeen84) and I post the odd picture every now and then. I don’t post enough to make this a regular thing, but I thought I’d show you some of my favorite pictures I took over the 1.5 years I’ve been using the app.

Sunset over Amsterdam

I love snapping pictures of the play of lights in the sky. Sunrise and sunset are my favorite moments in the day. I wrote a post almost 2 years ago with more pictures that I took of various landscapes and lit up skies. You can view that post by clicking here.

NOTD: Kingsland Road by Barry M

Not all of my nail polish looks make it onto the blog. But sometimes I still like it enough to share. Those go onto Instagram. I love the baby pink color in combination with the texture of the polish. Thanks to my friend Alison!

Sunrise from the train

This picture is the wallpaper on my phone. Sometimes I just love how flat Holland is!

Selfie while waiting for my train

A quick snapshot before boarding my train to work. It was delayed (sigh) and so I had a few extra moments to spare. Scarf is by H&M.

Almost home.

I took this picture spring time last year I believe. I live in a very picturesque town (Leiden) and I pass the prettiest spot on my daily walks to and from the station. This is Galgewater with Molen de Put and the most gorgeous sunset.

OPI Mariah Carey Christmas LE nail polish: Sleigh Ride for Two, Wonderous Star, All Sparkly & Gold

I occasionally post pictures of things I bought.

Another sunset over Amstedam

My office is located on the 6th floor overlooking the city of Amsterdam. The tall buildings to the left are the Zuidas.

Portobello burger

And I’ll occasionally post pictures of what I’m eating.

Christmas time at Beestenmarkt

I love pretty lights as much as I love sunsets. Leiden looks particularly pretty when all the Christmas lights are out. This picture is one of my faves, because of the pretty dark blue hues.

Marcus Foster @ Songbird Festival

And if I go to a concert, I’ll make sure to snap a few shots as well.

Summer time in Leiden

I snapped this while walking home from the gym. The tower you see is City Hall

Snowman PJ pants (Primark)

Sometimes I snap shots of what I’m wearing. Such as these ubercute snowman knit leggings from Primark which are super warm and comfy.

Fall @ Hooglandsekerkgracht

This is one of my favorite spots in Leiden. I walk by it quite often as it is right behind my house and on the way if I’m going to the shopping street in town.

Reorganised make up collection

With project room change I also decided to give my make up collection a new home. Everything is now in this big drawer (apart from bigger palettes).

I hope you enjoyed this batch of pictures. If you’re not following me on Instagram yet, then you can do so by finding @indiequeen84. My latest pictures are also posted in the side bar to the right of my newest post.

Would you like to get more of a glimpse into my life?

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