Beauty shoplog: TBS, Dior, L’Oreal, Hema, etc.

Sale time came and went and during that time I picked up a few bits and pieces. Throw in some coupons and a few budget products to try and you have yourself enough material for a shoplog.  If you’re curious what I bought during The Body Shop sale and from various Dutch drugstores, then keep on reading.

The Body Shop body butters in Coconut, Blueberry and Almond x2

The winter sale at TBS is always the best and mainly because their body butters go on sale at half price each and they even have a few which you cannot get normally. I bought two of the almond ones as I wanted to give one to my mom. I also ended up giving her the blueberry one, because when I got home I realized I already had one. It made a good belated Christmas present as I hadn’t had much time to shop for presents.

The Body Shop Vanilla Bliss hand cream & body polish

My favorite holiday smell from TBS is the vanilla one (even though it’s most usually not my cup of tea). I knew these products would go on sale, so I waited till then to snatch up a few products. Body scrub in a tube is so much easier than in a jar and this looks nice and thick and creamy. The hand cream I had never tried before. I find the scent a little strong at times, but it does the job quite well and as you can see you get quite a bit.

L’Oreal Micellar water, TBS honey lip balm & Bourjois express nail polish remover

I went into Dutch drugstore Etos to stock up on my favorite nail polish remover by Bourjois. This nail polish remover in a pt is a bit more expensive (at 7.99) but I find that the remover is gentle yet thorough, which is great for my nails. It also smells nice as it doesn’t have that typical nail polish remover smell. I picked up the lip balm for one euro at the counter at TBS. I love the TBS honey products and this lipbalm was on my too try list. Last but not least I picked up a micellar water. A raved about product in the online beauty community, I really wanted to try one and this came at a discount. And I have to say: so far so good.

L’Oreal Nude Magique Eau de Teint foundation in 100 Porcelain

Dior DiorSkin Nude foundation in 010 Ivory

If you saw my January favorites (if not, click here), you will have seen the L’Oreal foundation already. I bought it at a discount as it was being promoted at my local drugstore and this is what set off my current ‘let’s found a good foundation’ kick. Before Christmas I had gone into a luxury drugstore in my town and ended up going home with a sample of this DiorSkin Nude foundation. And I absolutely loved it. So when I got a coupon in the mail for a 5 euro discount I decided to pick up the full size. Both foundations are slated for reviews in the not so distant future. So keep your eyes peeled on this spot if you’d like to see these babies in action.

Schwarzkopf blow drying brush & Hema eyeshadow brush

One thing I desperately needed was a new hair brush. I had a cheap one which I bought a few months ago, but the heat from my blow dryer melted the glue that held it together and it came apart in my hair. (That was no fun, let me tell you that!). When I was at my hair dresser’s a few weeks ago I saw this and took it home. It was expensive (for a hairbrush anyway, 30 euros!), but I figured it would be better than spending 5 euros on a hair brush every 2 – 3 months. Hema does some great budget friendly brushes and this eyeshadow brush drew my attention as it’s flat and I don’t have to many of these.

Hema moisturising lipstick in 02 & 19

I didn’t need these, but I am quite obsessed with the moisturising lipstick line from Hema. At only 3 euros a piece, these lipsticks are great. They are creamy, have great pigmentation and last fairly long. I already had no. 05 and loved that so I wanted to try some more colors. Again these are up for a review post soon.

Hema nail polish: top coat glitter (no. 23), holographic blue, no 813 and striping white and striping black

Essie Cute as a Button

Lastly, I also bought some polishes. Hema is currently on a winning streak with their nail polish selection. I have been loving quite a few different colors from their line this past year. And Essie is quickly becoming one of my favorite nail polish brands. They do some great creams and this pinky coral tone is just perfect for spring don’t you think?

What did you pick up during the winter sale?

7 responses to “Beauty shoplog: TBS, Dior, L’Oreal, Hema, etc.”

  1. Dior Skin Nude is echt mijn favo foundation ever, gebruik ‘m al jaren! De Essie is mooi! Verder shop ik zelf momenteel even helemaal niks omdat ik voor twee maanden de buy-nothing-new-challenge doe 🙂

  2. Wat een goede aankopen, die lichtere HEMA lipstick zou ik graag willen proberen! Ik heb de amandel body butter ook gekocht in de sale, trouwens. De amandel lijn was al jaren niet meer verkrijgbaar (hier in Italie, in elk geval) dus ik was er heeelemaal mee in m’n nopjes. ^^

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