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Since yesterday’s post was a quick one, I thought it would make a nice ‘inbetween’ post. So today we are going back to the program and I’m presenting you with some meals I had in the past few weeks. Plenty of healthy things, but since I am quite the sweet tooth I have to share one of my latest cheat items which is super duper bad, but tastes oh so good. Enjoy the rest of the post and I will see you again on Monday with a beauty related post.

Snacks, smoothies & juices

Blueberry & kiwi fruit smoothie with coconut milk, chia seeds, spirulina, bee pollen and more, carrot & orange smoothie, pineapple mint smoothie.

Orange-carrot juice, cranberry-beetroot juice

Tony Chocolonely Milk & Salted Caramel chocolate bar

No sugar banana bread with coconut flour, walnuts, raisins and cocoa nibs.

Out of the smoothies, the one that’s biggest in the picture tasted best. Both juices were delicious, though came from a store as I don’t have a juicer. And you’ve found my biggest current weakness: Tony Chocolonely’s Milk & Salted Caramel chocolate. Best. Chocolate. Ever. Only available at my local fairtrade store though. And once again I made my no sugar, no wheat banana bread. It seems to be the only thing I make, but it’s such an easy recipe and great for using up leftover bananas that you otherwise wouldn’t eat.


Buckwheat porridge with banana, raisins, cinnamon and cocoa nibs, oh and flax seeds.

Greek yoghurt with superfood mix pecan nuts and flaxseeds

For breakfast I haven’t been too adventurous. Since I’m home I tend to get up late and don’t need too much food. I don’t skip breakfast though, but I tend to go for lighter meals. Just some juice with a banana is quickly becoming a staple. But I do like to mix things up. I’m still having my trusty Greek yoghurt with nuts and dried fruit. And I brought back an old favorite: buckwheat porridge. Great for Sunday’s. The flaxseeds in this picture are different ones from what I used before: they are milled and mixed with ground up dried berries and cocoa powder.


Tuna salad with assorted greens, red bell pepper, cucumber and olives

Rainbow salad with sunflower seeds, tomato, yellow bell pepper, carrots and cucumber

Assorted salad with avocado, salmon, tomato, cucumber and greens

Herring with onions

Carrots, cucumber & celery sticks with homemade hummus

Fried eggs two ways: omelet with spinach, mushrooms and goat’s cheese, fried eggs with bacon and goat’s cheese

For lunch I’ve been keeping things simple: a salad, just some fish or veggies or eggs. I just realized that this post does hardly contain any pictures of grain related foods. I tend to get be fairly good at cutting down the grains all together lately. Apart from the porridge & sushi, I have rice cakes or some type of cracker, maybe once or twice a week. All my other meals are completely grain free. Huzzah!


Zoodles with a super thick cauliflower alfredo sauce and sauteed mushrooms, bacon strips & leaks

Homemade sushi with salmon, avocado, cucumber and cream cheese

Red lentil soup (red lentils, tomato, onion, veggie stock, cumin, coriander, ginger & garlic)

Ovenroasted bacon wrapped chicken with sauteed broccoli, mushrooms and yellow bell pepper

Pan fried rosemary sweet potatoes with orange bell pepper & oven toasted fish package (salmon)

Tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, cheese, garlic sauce & a glass of water

I’ve been mainly focusing on my evening meals these past few weeks. I have some time to put some effort into those meals and I like doing it so I’ve been trying out some new things as well as some trusty favorites with a twist. I made zoodles and cauliflower alfredo sauce, but decided I wanted to add some more veggies and meat. The sushi was delicious, but gave me a terrible stomachache (hence the going low on all grains). If you saw my most recent food shoplog, you’d know I bought red lentils. I found a recipe to cook them up in a savory soup. Yum! An old favorite of mine is wrapped oven roasted chicken. You can do this with ham, but I decided to go with bacon as I had that lying about anyway. Another classic are fish packages. All you do is stick your fish in aluminum fool and let it toast in your oven for a bit. The result?: deliciously tender fish. And lastly: I just had too many veggies I didn’t want to waste.

And that’s it! That’s what I’ve been eating recently.

What is your favorite meal? Would you like to try any of these?

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