What I Eat #17

I seem to find myself doing one of these What I Eat posts always near the end of the month. And I don’t even plan that. It’s just how it happens. I look in my folder and see I have enough pictures to do one of these again and for some reason that always ends up being at 4 week intervals. I personally like this frequency (What’s your opinion? Leave a comment below!). And this time I have some different meals to share with you all again. This time they’re in no particular order.

Clockwise, starting top left:

  1. 1/2 pineapple, 1 banana, 1 can of coconut milk
  2. blueberries, banana, coconut milk
  3. blackberries, 1 banana, 1/2 mango, almond milk
  4. spinach, spirulina, 1/4 frozen mango, 2 peaches and 1 kiwi fruit, almond milk

First up are 4 delicious smoothies. I didn’t make that many green smoothies these past few weeks. I was craving fruit and mainly berries and they just don’t look very good paired with green veggies in a smoothie.

Vegetarian echilladas

I opted for making the super budget proof vegan, wheat free enchilladas by Detoxinista. I still had some left over grated cheese in my fridge, so I decided to use it up. It no longer made for vegan enchilladas, but they were still very tasty. Instead of using tortillas made with flour, you simply use thin slices of zucchini to make the rolls which are filled with black beans, onion and sweet potato.

Buckwheat pancakes

Buckwheat pancakes, with banana & cinnamon on the right. I love pancakes. I was craving traditional style ones, but decided to use buckwheat flour instead of wheat flour. I had never done that before, so I was curious to see that it worked rather nicely. they were a lot crispier than regular pancakes though. Maybe next time I should stick to using the recipe on the package rather than doing my own thing.

Rhubarb, veggies

Some side dishes I had are rhubarb (after my mom’s recipe, which is simply wash, drain, boil in water left after draining, add cinnamon & sugar to taste) and some tomatoes and cucumber slices. Super quick and easy to make, especially the latter and always good for an extra boost of veggies in your day.

Left: Fried eggs, with grated cheese and sauteed tomatoes and mushrooms.
Right: omelet with parmesan cheese, pesto and sauteed mushrooms

I’ve been on a major egg kick these past few weeks. I find it’s the easiest way to make good use of left overs. I had some pesto left after making pasta and I used it twice to spice up my eggs. Add some cheese and some veggies and you’re all good to go. My favorite veggie to have with eggs are mushrooms. Don’t exactly know why, but I love the textures together.

Top: 100% beef burger with fries and green sauce (a Frankfurt specialty)
Bottom: almond meal brownies with extra nuts

To showcase that not all the food I eat is a) healthy or b) diet proof I decided to also show you some of my cheat meals this month. I visited a friend in Frankfurt and after a 4 hour walking tour of the city I was starving. I craved a burger and wanted to try the local specialty (known as green sauce). When I saw the restaurant served a combination of the two I knew exactly what I wanted to order. And I made almond meal brownies again. Not the worst thing to have, but still not good for you either.

Top: mango salad with lettuce, spinach, green asparagus and sundried tomatoes
Bottom: fruit salad with kiwi fruit, strawberries and apple

Just to counteract all that yummy badness, I decided to go with some healthier food choices once my trip was over. I made this salad when a friend came over for lunch which I served with rye bread with apple spread and goat’s cheese and a delicious raspberry/ mango smoothie. Seasonal fruit is back in business, so I’ve been loving my strawberries, peaches and everything in between. Fruit salad is now my new lunch staple.

Cauliflower pizza

A food staple for me is cauliflower pizza. It’s super easy to make and so delicious. Someone on Twitter asked me: but where’s the cauliflower? Well, that’s in the base! The pizza base is made with 1/2 a head of cauliflower (roughly 2 cups). It uses no wheat and you can choose whatever toppings you like. You can find the recipe by clicking here.

Top: buckwheat porridge with cocoa, coconut, cocoa nibs, flax seeds and coconutblossom sugar
Bottom: poached eggs & sauteed mushrooms with thyme

Breakfast has been super easy, but I’ve been making some porridge again and I’m also trying my hand again at poached eggs. The latter I find something that’s rather difficult, but I love a good poached egg. Plus when I make eggs for breakfast I like adding in some mushrooms to get an instant kick of veggies at the start of the day. The porridge was a big of a guilty pleasure version. Once mixed together this became a chocolate-y, coconut-y goodness that make a very good start of the day.

Strawberry/ blueberry smoothie with coconut milk. The same smoothie but in popsicle form.

Since the weather warmed up quite drastically and suddenly over Pentecoast, I decided to make my own popsicles. I knew I’d be craving icecream with the warmer weather so I made a fruit smoothie with some berries & coconut milk and simply poured about half into popsicle shapes and stuck them in the fridge. The recipe for making this ice lolly will go online in a few weeks time.

What have you been eating lately?

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