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We’re making slow and steady process with the Music ABC. Today it’s the letter J, which means we’re nearing the halfway point. Since I’m only doing one post a month though, it is going to take some time until I can finish it off. In any case, this post will give you 5 of my favorite songs starting with the letter J.

Jam – Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was the first artist I ever saw live. I was 12 and I remember being deeply impressed. I played his albums nonstop after that. And my mother having all of them on CD (except Off the Wall) certainly helped. My favorite was Dangerous and this track is the first song off that album. I’m still hoping to do a dance routine to this one day.

James Brown Is Dead – LA Style

We’re staying in the 90s but going off a completely different drumbeat here. I don’t consciously remember this song from the 90s, but this was played a lot at parties when I was a student. I absolutely love old house, rave and techno and this is a quintessential song in the development of the genre. I go through phases where I listen to this a lot.

Jetstream – Doves

Let’s change things up again. I sometimes find music in the most random of ways. I picked up this CD because it was cheap and I needed it to get my discount rounded off at my record store. This is the first track of that album and Oh My… It has a slow build up but when you listen to this, really listen to this, you’ll find it drags you right along for the ride.

Johnny Come Home – Fine Young Cannibals

And we’re going back in time to the 80s. This became a favorite the instant I heard it. It has so much going on! From Jazz to ethnic to ska to 80s pop to well… It’s just one big musical melting pot and it sounds so good! One of those get up and dance songs. Even though the lyrics aren’t all that happy.

Just Don’t Know What to do With Myself – Dusty Springfield

The final track in this post is the oldest of them all. This gem from 1965 by the amazing Dusty Springfield is one of my favorite tracks of all time. It was covered by The White Stripes and that’s pretty much how I found the original. Goosebumps every time.

What are your favorite songs with the letter J?


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