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Tuned up Thursday is back again with another installment of my Music ABC. Today I’m sharing some of my favorite songs starting with the letter L. I’m going to take your from 80s pop to 60 Rock N Roll and from smooth voiced R&B to grimy blues and dance. As you may already know, my musical taste is all over the place, and this post shows just that.

Leave Me Alone – Michael Jackson

My favorite song by the late, great MJ? This one. Leave me Alone was a song that got on my radar quite early in life. As a kid I simply loved the video because it looked ‘fun’. Only later did I understand that the song and video are telling someone to stay the hell away and quit talking crap about him. A girl in the song and the media in the video. Best use of the power of music if I ever saw one.

Let It Bleed – Rolling Stones

Let’s move on to another one of the musical giants: The Rolling Stones. If you’d ask if I were a Beatles or a Stones girl, I’d definitely pick the first, but I cannot deny the fact that Rolling Stones made some great music. This bluesy rock n roll type song with its slightly crazy lyrics is one from their catalogue that has gained a special place in my music loving heart.

Lies – The Black Keys

The Black Keys are quite possibly one of the most popular bands of the moment. They make some great music, but lately I’ve found it to all sound a bit same-y. Back when I first heard Attack and Release, I was sold on this song immediately. And that album is quite possibly still my favorite Black Keys album too.

Lost – Hadouken

Time to change the programme. Hadouken is a group from Leeds, England who just decided to break up. They rose to fame with their fusion of grime, rock, dance type beats and techno sound effects that reminds you of old school Tetris games. This song from their album For the Masses, always stuck with me. It is my favorite pick me up, with its slow steady intro and then it breaks right in the middle, settling for a quite fade out near the end.

Lost Without You – Robin Thicke

Forget Blurred Lines, Robin Thick was the new voice of smooth come halfway the naughties. Only problem: no one knew him. At least not in Holland. I can’t remember how I knew this song, but I pretty much found this straight away and fell in love with his voice. I then found some more songs and purchased the album this song is on (Evolution of Robin Thicke) and that is one of the very few R&B albums I have in my collection.

What are some of your favorite songs starting with the letter L?

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  1. Pepijn Avatar

    Hadouken and The Black Keys in one post: yay! Some of my favorites with an L are:

    Lilac Wine – Jeff Buckley
    La Llorona – Chavela Vargas
    La Mer – Nine Inch Nails
    Lay Your Cards Out – Polica
    Layla – Derek & The Dominos
    Let Her Cry – Hootie & The Blowfish
    Lippy Kids – Elbow
    L’il Jack Horny – Extreme
    Liefs Uit Londen – Bløf
    Locomotive – Guns N’ Roses
    (The) Luckiest – Ben Folds
    Lovesick – Lindstrøm & Christabelle
    Love Rears Its Ugly Head – Living Colour

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