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It is almost time for the weekend and when that hits, I’ll have a blissful week off work. Spring break is here and so I plan to work some on the blog, get some cleaning done and visit family and friends. But mainly, I’ll just be lounging around the house watching TV series or movies and reading books. And lounging around is something you can only do in style.

It’s taken some time but by now I have a few ‘lounging-around-the-house’ staples that I swear by. From thick knit leggings to printed PJ bottoms, fluffy sweaters and hoodies: I have lounge wear for every season and every occasion. But I never really leave the house wearing any of these…

This fluffy sweater is from H&M from one or two seasons ago. It got not so pretty fairly quickly: the fluff doesn’t look as fluffy anymore. But despite the fact that wearing this outside the house is a no go because of that, this makes a perfect lounge sweater. It’s nice and warm and so so soft. This with a pair of leggings, my couch and a good book and I’m content.

Penguin print leggings from Primark! I also have a pair with snowmen on it from last year, but the elastic waistband of that pair is no longer functioning. So I tend to wear these more often. These are knit leggings which means they keep you warm and they are just adorable at the same time. Horribly ugly in a way too, but when it comes to lounge wear I don’t mind making a sacrifice.

Part work out gear, part lounge gear is this zip up hoodie from H&M. This hoodie is my trusty companion during spring/ summer to the gym. In winter I wear it as is with a shirt underneath while I’m chilling at home. I used to swear by zip up hoodies a few years ago. It was pretty much all I wore for a while. But by now I just have this one and another one which is lined with fleece for when it gets super cold.

I love music, that is a commonly known fact, so when I found these PJ pants at Primark they had my name written all over it. Primark do some great sleep and lounge wear. I especially like their bottoms, the shirts not so much as they are often ill fitting, but the bottoms I have a few off. One of my other favorite PJ bottoms that doubles as lounge wear has a Carebear print.

My final lounge wear sweater is this boyfriend style sweatshirt from Vila. I love it’s big and baggy oversized fit. It’s a bit too cold for winter time, but I rock this in spring and fall most of the time. It’s made of a soft jersey material. I used to wear this as a regular sweater but as of late I’ve only been wearing it around the house anymore as it no longer suits my style.

What do you wear around the house?

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  1. Petra van der Heijden Avatar

    Things that don’t leave the house: peach colored jogging pants, T-shirts with crazy prints, and T-shirts that are so worn that they’re not fit to wear outside anymore but I can’t throw away for sentimental reasons 😉 Usually I top them with a hoodie. Oh yeah, and my fake uggs. They’re not allowed out of the house either! 😉

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Peach colored jogging pants?!! 😮

  2. Estrella Avatar

    Dat grijze vestje van H&M. Love!

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