Tuned up Thursday: Music of the Moment (March 2015)

Final Thursday of the month, means it’s time for me to be sharing some of my favorite new discoveries. I had a hard time compiling a list again. I did have time to go through all of the playlists from February and March, but I hadn’t had enough time to listen to it all. So forgive me if there are some older songs in here. In any case, I think I have come up with another diverse and fresh batch of music for you to peruse. I hope there is something here that you like as much as I do. So as per usual: just give these a listen and enjoy!

Ben Howard – Hideaway (Kiesza cover)

There is a problem when your favorite songs by a given artist seem to be their covers of other, very popular songs. In any case, Ben Howard has managed to make a brilliantly moody version of the happy go lucky song that the original is.

Brika – Options

Can you say catchy track or what? Plus her voice is nice and easy to listen to.

Dauwd – Lydia

We need some laid back tracks in this post too of course! This is perfect for those chilled out moments that you sometimes just need in your life.

How to Dress Well – The One (How To Dress Well’s Version)

This song is amazing! But then again How to Dress Well has some great stuff and can do no wrong in my book. This song is available as a free download from the soundcloud page!

Jamie Woon – Spirits

I had heard of Jamie Woon before, but I had never come across a track that I really enjoyed. Until I heard this! And then it happens to have been around for a few years. I told you there would be something in here that wasn’t all that new.

Jaymes Young – I’ll Be Good

One artist whose music I’ve really come to enjoy these past couple of weeks is Jaymes Young. This song definitely has me curious about more by this artist.

Josef Salvet – Every Night (The Temper Trap Remix)

This. Is. Sublime. This was the first song that, the minute I heard it, I just knew I had to share. Slow, droning beats fused with amazing vocals? Yup, I will be a sucker for a song like this any day.

Kat Krazy – Siren (ft. Elkka)

Another song that isn’t super new, but that I somehow only just found out about. I do not remember how I came across this, how I found it or where I first heard this. But it’s in my playlist and I dig it.

Purity Ring – Bodyache

Purity Ring has just released its second album and I am in love! This is one of the latest singles from that album and I love it. Pop, hiphop, triphop, break beats and angelic singing all come together in one song. Perfection.

RITUAL – Blood Flow

Let’s end the post with another chilled out tracks. I’ve heard so many types of chillwave songs by now that most of them all sound the same. So it is rare for me to find something that stands out. This is chillwave meets Sam Smith vocals. Instant winner.

What new music did you discover this month?

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