Spring 2015 fashion wishlist

A few weeks ago I cleaned out my closet quite rigorously. I spent an entire day going through all my clothes and I got rid of everything I hadn’t worn in a long time. So with all that space, I started browsing online stores to see if I could buy a few items to update my wardrobe. I find myself being drawn to very basic and classic items. So I hope you enjoy these items which I picked out. Unfortunately there are a few items that are by now sold out, but I’m sure you’re still able to find most of these.

Acid wash Leigh jeans & Grey ripped Jamie jeans (Topshop)

Black coated Leigh jeans & Black petite Leigh jeans (Topshop)

One section of my closet that got a drastic clean out is my jeans/ pants/ shorts drawer. And where to find some cool, well fitting jeans again? Topshop! For 2 years now, all I’ve been wearing are Topshop jeans and I want no other. My main reason for loving Topshop jeans is that they sell jeans in a leg size that actually fit me. I am short and so I love the fact that Topshop’s main jeans line offers a length size 30 and their petite line even runs shorter at a 28 inch leg. The Jamie and Leigh jeans are my favorites so I’m looking to buy a few to revamp my jeans selection. The acid wash and coated jeans have sold out in my size, so I hope they’ll bring them back soon.

Black & white stripe shift dress (Asos) & Gingham print flannel blouse (Forever 21)

Black & white prints are also high on my wishlist. A t-shirt dress is a classic piece to have, but I am always afraid they won’t fit. This one from Asos isn’t that expensive since it is on sale and Asos now has free returns from The Netherlands, so I think it may be worth a shot. Flannel probably isn’t the first fabric that you would think of when buying spring clothes, but I think it’s a classic which is good to own. I actually don’t own that many printed blouses and I definitely do not own a gingham print one, so this will be a good addition.

Nautical stripe shirt with sheer panel (Urban Outfitters) & Boxy navy & white striped tee (Forever 21)

White embroidered blouse with short sleeves (Asos) & Grey and white stripe tee (Forever 21)

So I can no longer find both of these items on the websites, but if you do a search for a white shirt or browse the t-shirt section on Forever 21, you will be able to find many similar items. The first shirt is a short sleeved white blouse with an interesting design. I have many blouses already, but a clean white short sleeved blouse is not something I own. Well, I bought one from H&M, but that is cropped and plain. But I would like to have one that is a bit more interesting. The shirt would be a great basic to own: a grey striped t-shirt on a pair of jeans is a great go to outfit any time of year.

White short sleeved blouse with crochet detail (Forever 21) & White pleated blouse (Urban Outfitters)

Staying with the white blouse theme. I also don’t own a long sleeved white blouse that is clean and simple. The one from Urban Outfitters is now on sale for 14 euros, so I think that will be something I will be purchasing soon. The other blouse is no longer available from the Forever 21 website which is a shame. I love the boxy shape and the crochet detail along the buttons. I hope they will bring this back or that I can find it when I happen to have time to find a physical Forever 21 store.

Tan sandals (Asos)

A pair of tan sandals is high on my wishlist. Not these ones in particular, because I don’t think these would fit, but just a pair of tan sandals in general is a must have for summer. I have a hard time finding sandals that actually fit my feet. I have a high arch and wide feet. So anything strappy is usually a no go. And most sandals are just that: strappy. I found a pair of black ones from Forever 21 three years ago, so I haven’t given up hope yet, but yeah finding a good pair of tan sandals is something I hope to do within the next few months.

Black ankle boots (H&M)

Last but not least are these boots by H&M. These have been on my wishlist since they launched. They are real leather and part of the premium line. I even tried them on last month in Rotterdam and didn’t buy them. Not because they didn’t fit, but because I couldn’t justify buying them just yet. They are 80 euros and for a pair of H&M shoes, I find that to be quite expensive. I saw that they are on sale now at 30% off so I may have to cave any way. These are so cool! From the curved heel to the pointed toe: these shoes are so classy and when I tried them on they were very comfortable too.

What is on your spring fashion wishlist?

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  1. Wat een leuke wishlist, vooral de sandaaltjes vind ik geweldig! Ik heb gelijksoortige sandaaltjes gekocht bij de Primark, wel van baggerkwaliteit natuurlijk haha maar ach. Streepjes zijn ook altijd leuk voor het voorjaar en de zomer!

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