Tuned up Thursday: Music ABC – O

Time for delving into my music collection again! Today it’s time for the letter O in my Music ABC. And where O may not be a letter for which you can easily drum up a few favorites, I found it easy enough to find 5 songs that I can listen to over and over again. And this is them!

Obedear – Purity Ring

My love for Purtiy Ring started the minute I heard this song. I was happy to finally get a chance to see them live last month, so now I can die a happy person. Purity Ring is not for the faint of heart as it is quite experimental in the sense that it combines hip hop rhythms with chillwave effects and poppy tunes.

Obstacle 2 – Interpol

Interpol takes me right back to my student days. Their debut album, Turn on the Bright Lights, was one of the first albums I bought when I moved out into the big bad world. So this album and especially this song takes me right back to my days of being an innocent 18 year-old with her eyes wide open, ready to suck it all in.

Ocean Floor for Everything – How to Dress Well

This song is one of my indie finds. And even though it’s one of my more recent favorites, it is a song that easily slipped its way into my system. I find it really relaxing and beautiful in a weird way.

Ocean Of Noise – Calexico

Originally by Arcade Fire, this is one of the only cover songs that I think is much much better than the original. It has a more uplifting feel, as the original track is a lot gloomier. I also love the vocals better in this one and the plucking of the harp just really finishes off this song.

Over the Barricade – Mesh 29

A song of infinite beauty is this ‘waltz’ by Mesh 29. I ended up buying their album only to find out this track was an EP only release. Bugger, but hey, what do you do? Still, I cannot get enough of this song. Where I used to play it continuously on repeat when I first discovered this in my Myspace days, I still listen to this every so often. And when I do, I’m sure to loop it a few times.

What are your favorite songs starting with the letter o?

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