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When it comes to prints, I have a love affair with quite a few of them. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I like to wear them as often and in as many different ways as I can. Now, one thing I do not see very often on the streets are people wearing printed bottoms. Printed tops, yes, but bottoms not so much. But I think that wearing printed bottoms can make for very interesting outfits that can work for any occasion.

1.) Add a dot

Polka dot blouse (H&M)
Polka dot skirt (Primark)
Blue heels (Van Haren)

Polka dots are quite possibly one of my favorite prints together with stripes. This combo is one of my classic outfits. The prints complement one another nicely because the color scheme is the other way around and the print is not exactly the same. Just because you decide to wear a print on the bottom, doesn’t mean you cannot also wear a print on top. Clashing prints is no ill feat, so try things out and as long as your prints are different enough, you can always get away with it.

2.) Pastel ombre

Mint green shirt (H&M)
Neon pastel coral knit jumper (H&M)
Pastel ombre/ tie dye leggings (River Island)
Mint green creepers (Underground)

Pastel is a great color scheme to wear in spring. You can easily throw together an outfit wearing all pastels. With this outfit I tried picking up the colors from the ombre printed leggings to complement the other pieces in the outfit. That way, the print isn’t drowned out by the rest of the outfit and it is still able to stand out without it becoming a riot. This is quite possibly the most muted print out of the 5 I’m showing you today. However, because of the bright colors, this is still quite out there.

3.) Floral for the road

Denim button down (C&A)
Floral maxi skirt (vintage)
Chelsea boots (H&M)

Whenever I am wearing this combo, I always feel like I am channeling my inner country girl. The skirt is quite a special piece to me as I bought it from a vintage market in Toronto 3 years ago. I love the rose pattern and because it is nice and long it is a piece I can wear year round. I have worn it several different ways, but my favorite will forever be to pair it with a staple anyone needs in their wardrobe: a light denim shirt. This one is quite tailored and thus not too boxy, giving room for the voluptuous silhouette created by the massive skirt.

4.) Monochrome x red

Red knit (H&M)
Black & white floral printed skater skirt (H&M)
Black flats (Primark)

Quite possibly the easiest print to pull off is a black and white print. You can wear it with almost anything so it makes for a very versatile piece to own. Here, I’ve put it with a red sweater. I love pairing black and white with red, as I feel it really makes the color pop. I kept the shoes very simple. By pairing this with basic black flats, the outfit doesn’t get too crazy and it makes for a flirty, girly look that goes together nicely with the skirt. Other options to put with this skirt would be a tailored white button down shirt, or a good pastel.

5.) Paisley creams

Cream button down shirt (H&M)
Green paisley print trousers (ZARA)
Nude heels (Van Haren)

The last print I wanted to share with you is paisley print. Now finding a good paisley print can be problematic. Often, I find the patterns too cheap looking and as such, I do not own too many pieces with this print. This pair of pants though, is a star in my wardrobe. From the dark green to the intricate print, this is a pair of pants has everything to really make it the center piece of your outfit. That’s why I like pairing it with muted colors such as creams and nudes. That way the green truly pops and the print pops up just enough.

How do you wear printed bottoms?

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    super leuk xx

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  2. Kiss & Make-up Avatar

    Leuk om te zien hoe jij al die prints stylet!

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Dank je! Ik hou van printjes.

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