Tuned up Thursday: Songs of the Week #12

I have a couple of random favorites that I gathered from my more recent music endeavors. In April all I had time for was to listen to albums that I bought in the past few weeks as so many new things had been coming out. I am slowly making my way back to my indie playlists, but for now, I thought I’d share some older songs again that otherwise might slip under the radar. Here are 10 songs that I have been loving lately. Just give them a listen and let me know in a comment below which one is your favorite!

All We Are – Feel Safe

Ark Patrol – Never

aywy. – opiate

Ghost Loft – Be Easy

Governors – Is This Love

Harvey Sutherland – Bamboo

Kate Miller Music – Collar Up

Polycoma – Come What May

Portico – ‘101’ (Ft. Joe Newman)

The KickDrums – Breathe Again

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