Collective fashion shopping haul: H&M, Primark, Topshop, Zara, Pieces & Vila

No video sadly this time, but it was simply too hot to be filming a massive summer shopping haul. So unlike my spring edition, this blog post will not be in video form, but will be an old-fashioned picture laden one instead. I saved up all fashion items I purchased in the past 3 – 4 months and I bought a LOT of new clothes. At first I didn’t really like the summer fashion trends, but little by little I found more and more items I liked. I also decided to buy a few items that would come in handy during my summer holidays. This post therefore comprises some items I shopped in the UK last May, a few bits and bops I picked up on random days and several H&M orders. I have linked any items I can still find.

Tip: grab something to drink and some food, this post is a long one.

Black & white palm tree print dress with circle skirt (H&M)
Multicolored floral print dress with color block top and bottom (Vila)

Dresses wise the offerings this season are very very meager. I only picked up two, and for me that is very very little indeed. But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t get two great dresses. Quality is more important than quantity of course. Both have a skater dress design with a singed in waistline. The H&M dress has a fun palm tree print, is fully lined and has a very full skirt and looks stunning on. The Vila dress has a fun floral pattern and I thought the different top and bottom gave this dress a little extra.

Black & White striped bikini top (H&M)
Black & White striped bikini bottom briefs (H&M)
Black & white striped highwaisted bikini bottoms (H&M)

I also got a new bikini. Did I need one? No. I have 3 already and a bathing suit and I never ever swim. But when you find THE PERFECT BIKINI, at an affordable price, you cannot pass up. These balconette models fit me best and it came in my cupsize. That is one thing I like about H&M swimwear: you can mix and match tops and bottoms according to your size. I decided to go all out and buy two pairs of matching bottoms so I can switch it up when I take this with me on vacation this year. Unfortunately, the highwaisted bottoms (a must for me!) are now sold out.

Grey ribbed cropped top (H&M)
Striped cold shoulder top (Primark)

I bought a ribbed cropped top with long sleeves from River Island in London last year and I love that. So when I saw H&M did this short sleeved version I was sold. It is made of a super soft and comfortable material too, so I am positively in love with this. Cold shoulder tops are actually not that in vogue any more, but I had never found one during their heyday that fit me right. And then I browsed a Primark looking for tights and my eye spied this top. I didn’t even try it on, but just snatched it to take home and luckily it fits me perfectly.

Striped tank top (H&M)
Grey t-shirt with pineapple print (Pieces)

So I bought a tank top. Again, this is made of a super soft jersey material, like the cropped top above. It has a very fine stripy design and I think this will be a great top to take with me on vacation or to wear to work, layering under cardigans, blazers and button down blouses. The t-shirt I picked up along with the dress you saw at the top. I didn’t have any pineapple print items yet and where my closet used to be filled with fun printed items like this, I don’t own too many anymore. So I felt it made a great addition.

White lace spaghetti strap shirt (H&M)
White knitted short top (H&M)

White tops. If there is one thing I like for summer it’s a good white top. I love all the lacy numbers out there this summer, but I felt that it wasn’t exactly my cup of tea. Until I found these. I bought the lace top a little bit too bit, but I think it will be a great top to take with me on vacation. The knitted top is great because I think it is very versatile and I can’t wait to style this up with some of the other items I gathered in this shopping haul.

White sports top Run Dance Sleep (H&M)
White scalloped edge top (Primark)

I swore not to buy too many work out clothes anymore. I purged my wardrobe in February and got rid of so many tops that I wasn’t wearing. But when I saw this, I couldn’t resist. I have been wearing this to dance class and I love the loose fit of it, which is perfect for dance classes. The white top from Primark I bought while shopping with my friend in Manchester. I bought it on a whim, but found it to fit perfectly and I already wore it the other day. The material is a bit strange, but I thought the scalloped edge to be so girly and sweet looking that I just couldn’t pass it up.

Off white thin cardigan (H&M)
Navy stripe waterfall cardigan (Pieces)

A while ago I wore a dress/ cardi combo to lunch with a friend. It was a beautiful day, but because I didn’t have a thin off white cardigan, I was stuck with wearing a thick knitted one. It was sweltering hot and so I figured I could do with a thin cardigan in a light color. And so I purchased this off white cardigan with rolled up sleeves. I also bought a stripy cardigan. After my last shopping haul, I think you’d be shocked to find that I didn’t own one yet. I love stripes though and I figured this would go with a lot of things and the waterfall front is also very flattering over dresses and goes with almost any outfit.

Acid wash shorts with frayed bottoms (H&M)
Black highwaisted shorts (H&M)

Summer = shorts, but I usually already buy my shorts in winter and then I forget all about them. Not this year! I waited with my short buying endeavours till May and so I got my hands on a pair of acid wash shorts and black highwaisted ones. Both of them are essentials in my book and I am still shocked that I didn’t own these yet. I love that both of these don’t have a super low waist line and that they actually cover your bum.

Khaki shorts (H&M)
Flamingo socks (Primark)

Part of my short binge was also this khaki pair. I do not own that many khaki items and since it is a trend color this summer, I figured it would be a could items to add to my wardrobe. This does have a lower waist, but H&M do these shorts every year in different colors and I have a few of those and love them. The flamingo socks were a bit of a joke, but I thought they were too cute to pass up.

White broderie anglaise midi skirt (Zara)
Camel A-line skirt with button front (H&M)

I already showed you this white skirt on in a lookbook last June. I fell in love with this skirt the minute I saw it in stores. I initially had my sights set on a different white skirt, but that was too long on me and not very flattering. While browsing the store to find that, I found this skirt and it’s the one I ended up taking home. A-line skirts are a staple piece in the current 70s boho trend, but not something that looks really great on me. I tried on a denim version in Topshop in May and let’s just say it didn’t look nice. This camel faux suede version looks a lot better on, but will still be a challenge to style up.

Burgundy romper with pockets (H&M)
Navy printed jumpsuit with drawstring (H&M)

For this summer, I decided to also double my jumpsuit collection. For years, H&M wasn’t doing them, but this year, they were finally doing a few fun ones. I picked up a purple/ burgundy one which is super casual and again made of a super soft jersey material. The navy one is straight up cotton, but again, I thought that would make a great staple for my summer holidays. Both have pockets and look surprisingly great on.

Binx jeans (Topshop)
Leigh jeans (Topshop)

While in England last May, I focused mostly on beauty shopping. I only bought few clothing items. But naturally I had to pop into Topshop and stock up on some jeans again. A pair of acid wash jeans as well as light wash jeans without rips were on my wishlist. The Binx Jeans and Leigh Jeans I’m showing you here both fulfill one of those wishes. The Binx jeans are a lot more stiff and jeans like than the Leighs. They also have a slightly shorter leg and I had to size up to make them fit perfectly. But to be quite honest, these beat even my beloved Jamie jeans. I’m now eying up buying these at least in a white and a black as well.

Minion pyjama pants (Primark)
Acid wash Leigh jeans (Topshop)

So I also fulfilled my wish for acid wash jeans. I had already seen these online, but they had sold out in my size on the Topshop website. But then I found it in store and so I picked up a pair. My H&M ones had seen better days and had never fit exactly right, but these do. The only types of clothing I still like buying from Primark are loungewear and PJs. And so when I popped in on my way to Zara in The Hague, looking for that white skirt, I couldn’t help myself when I found these Minion PJ bottoms.

Coral & navy blue PJ tank (Primark)
Flamingo & blue PJ bottoms (Primark)

Like I said, I love Primark for sleepwear and so I picked up two sets of tops and bottoms. I mainly got these for when I go on vacation as well. I mostly sleep in nightgowns at home, but since they aren’t exactly flattering on (but super comfy!) I figured buying PJs that at least have a set of bottoms would be a good idea. And so I picked up two sets as I will be on vacation for 3 weeks and I like to carry at least two sets of PJs on a trip like that.

Beige & heart print nightgown (Primark)
Navy & polkadot nightgown (Primark)

So this is my usual sleepwear. Primark do these cotton nightgowns for only €6 each and I have been wearing them ever since I discovered them. I usually get hot legs during the night and I find that these work for me summer and winter. Only when it is freezing really badly, will I change these up for long sleeves. They are comfy, but of course not the most flattering sleepwear, but I don’t care. I’d rather be comfy than wear something that clings to me in ways that keep me up at night.

Sunglasses (H&M)
White sport’s bag (Primark)
Black fringe bag (H&M)
Wallet (New Look)

I also purchased some accessories. In my last haul, I had not purchased a single accessory, but now I have. I bought sunglasses. I like buying a new pair every year and H&M does them cheaply and I find them well worth the money. I needed a new sport’s bag as mine had started to fall apart. And I needed an extra bag in England so I could carry everything home as I had only taken my large backpack on my trip there. The fringe bag is not available online, but it is most definitely from H&M and I love it. The wallet was also a musthave: my old wallet had started to fall apart while I was in England and when I found this, I immediately replaced it.

Tan leather sandals (New Look)
Grey ankle boots (H&M)
Tan sandals for wide feet (Primark)
Tan tassled leather sandals (Primark)

You know I had to have some shoes featured in here too right? Again I had a bit of a wishlist on this front: a pair of tan sandals. Sandals and my feet don’t really go together: I have wide feet and a high arch. Anything strappy usually doesn’t fit. Until this year! I found the first pair at New Look in Manchester and they are real leather sandals that are very shoe like. These are perfect for work and are super comfortable. The other two pairs I picked up from Primark. One pair is made for wide feet, and the other is a flip flop type sandal (but also real leather) that is what makes these shoes work. The grey booties are just an added bonus really: they are also real leather and were half price during the H&M sale. I just couldn’t say no.

What did you buy to complete your summer wardrobe?

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