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When it comes down to fashion favorites than any type of dress could easily make it to the top of that list. However, when it comes to styles of dress, than skater dresses are by far my favorite. They are the most flattering on me and come in so many cute prints and designs that the look can create with them is endless.

Yellow striped skater dress (ZARA)
70s floral print skater dress with pleated detail (ASOS)
Houndstooth skater dress (Club L)

A skater dress is no more than a dress that is cut with a singed in waist line and a more floaty skirt that usually flares out towards the bottom. It is an exceptionally good cut when you are curvy and especially if you pack a little more weight around your waist that you would like to hide. The fit & flare shape will skim over your love handles and hide some lumps and bumps you’d rather not have anyone see.

4 out of 5 of my favorite dresses are in fact skater dresses. This type of dress works best as a day dress, but there are skater dresses that can look quite festive and chique. The red dress I am wearing in this lookbook is quite a good example of how you can dress up a skater dress. But I also proved how easily you can dress them down for a much more casual look in one of my more recent fall staples lookbook.

I tend to wear most of my clothes in a more casual style, so that that is also how I style my skater dresses. My favorite way of wearing them is with Doc Marten’s, brogues or ankle boots (preferably Chelsea boots!) and I pair them with a chunky knit cardigan in winter to keep warm. I love how a skater dress is always a good idea and I wear them year round.

In summer I pair skater dresses with sandals and ballet flats. Occasionally I will style them up with a belt or a necklace to add some more oomph, but since most of my dresses are either textured or have a fun print, I hardly ever feel that is needed. In winter I love adding a thick pair of tights, sturdy boots and a cardigan. I sometimes layer blouses under them, sweaters over them and for a completely different look you can also try pulling a skirt over the skirt of your dress to create a different look.

Depending on the print of the dress, I will be more likely to wear them in a different season, but I also own a few that are versatile and look good no matter the season. Of course, palm tree print dresses are less apt when it is freezing cold, whereas as dark floral isn’t your first pick for summer.

Material is another important aspect and since skater dresses are quite fitted along the waist my favorite dresses have a bit of stretch to them. That way, you can wear them all the time and are super comfortable. However, most skater dresses come in a fitting fabric that has a zip closure along the back or the side. This means you need some practice if you want to get these on by yourself, but once you get the hang of it, you have an array of dresses to choose from.

I really hope that skater dresses come back in style soon, because lately I have been finding it hard to find any good ones. Most of them are plain or just plain ugly, since the dress style is now much more minimalistic. I sincerely hope it is just a phase and that soon I will be able to find some good dresses again that are flattering, fun and fashionable.

What is your favorite style dress?

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  1. Esmee Avatar

    Alhoewel dit niet helemaal mijn ding is vind ik het wel leuk om te lezen!
    XOXO esmee

  2. Svenja Avatar

    Jaaaa de skater dress is super fijn! Ik vind het vooral erg mooi dat het boven wat strakker zit en onder lekker losjes, staat erg flatterend!

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