Music ABC – X

The letter X wasn’t easy to find songs for to go into my favorites list. So this is the first part of my Music ABC in which I had to cheat a little. And to my surprise one song on this list isn’t available anywhere online either. But that song also goes way back and is by a singer who isn’t all that active anymore, so I knew it would be more difficult to find. To be quite honest, I think this selection of favorite songs may very well be my most eclectic yet. Oh well, I hope you like them! Give them a listen and let me know what you think.

-X- – Kirsten

She thinks the only way to go is to be gone
She feels the only way to love is to hold on
And whatever she does it’s never enough
She’s never satisfied with all that she has got

Glancing at the mirror across the room yeah
an empty stare stares back and she stands still
looks into the eyes that once were hers
afraid she’ll never find

And it makes her want to cry away
all her sorrow and her pain
but she’s not the only one she says
and she no longer sees that it’s all but misery

peace and quiet are running around in her head
she sees her body collapse and die

down on herself
bored with the world around her
imprisoned by her need to be free

she thinks the only way to go is to be gone_

Kirsten is/ was a Dutch singer whose debut album The Chick Singer I listened to so much that I can still dream it back to front. Unfortunately, the last time she released new music was in 2004 which predates the upload everything to Youtube craze. Only one of her songs is on her official Youtube channel. No Psycho is great track, but X has always been my favorite. I used to sing along with her music all the time. Her music is reminiscent of Ani DiFranco as well as other strong female singer/ songwriters.

Magic Wands – Black Magic (The XX Remix)

I had to feature The XX on here in another way again of course. So this is a bit of a cheat, as this is a remix they did. The letter X isn’t even anywhere to be found in the title of this track of the band who did the original. Oh well. I love how dark and mysterious this is, while still having that minimal feel that most XX songs have. I listen to this when I feel a tad gloomy.

X-Ray Dog – The Power of One (Choir)

X-Ray Dog is the name of a music studio that specializes in creating tunes for movie trailers. That’s how I found this anyway: part of this track, remixed with a track by another made-for-trailer-music-producer Two Steps from Hell, was the Twilight movie trailer. It was my best friend who put me on their trail and you will hear this track pop up in more trailers whenever there is a need for an epic and mysterious sound. So who knew that a) movie trailer music is a genre in itself and hardly ever part of the soundtrack and b) recycled from time to time.

XTRAFUNK – Lazy Sunday

You knew I had to add something dancy/ electronic in this list as well. And here you have it. This chilled out, relaxed track is a great soundtrack for a summer evening at the beach. It’s the easy listening version of a chillwave track which is why I like this. It is loopy, repetitive with jazzy/ funky undertones. Me likes!

XXYYXX – Eclipse (feat. Ruddy P.)

But you also know that my music posts are incomplete without a trippy indieelectro track that puts you off your guard. Eclipse by XXYYXX is one of those tracks. I adore these weird, loopy tracks that make you wonder: will this truly run on like this for the full duration of the track? Yes it does. Does it get boring? Nope. The changes in this track are subtle and minimal. All the more reason to like this track.

Any favorite songs containing the letter X that you would like to share?

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