Ode to… the polka dot

When looking through my wardrobe and picking my favorite items, I notice that I do not only like single items or types of clothes, but also types of prints. I love stripes, but polka dots were my first love. I own many pieces with polka dots and already wrote something about it back in 2011. Most of the items I showed you in that blog post I no longer own, but there are still plenty of items floating around my wardrobe that are adorned with this quintessential, timeless print.

Do you share my love for all things polka dot? What is your favorite print?

One reason why I love polka dots is because it instantly adds a little something to an outfit. Polka dots can be in your face, minimal, subtle and sophisticated, depending on how they are done. In the picture above I gathered my black and white polka dot blouses, which all make for a more retro feel. But I also own polka dot socks which always add a fun element to an outfit. A blouse I have is a cream, sheer, blouse from Zara with a pussybow tie detail. It has a subtle polka dot print which keeps it from looking too formal and stuffy.

Mostly, I like my polka dots loud and proud. I like to combine different polka dots, such as the first outfit in this post where I combine a polka dot blouse with a polka dot skirt. I also like to combine polka dots with other prints, as you can see in this blog post, where I have combined a paisley print sweater with a polka dot skirt. In that same blog post you can see how I have used a polka dot printed blouse to add a pop of print, by layering a printed blouse underneath a sweater.

Some of my favorite fashion items to wear that have a polka dot print are dresses. I own quite a few and showed some of them in lookbooks and other fashion related posts. There is the retro 50s-feel polka dot dress from Topshop. But also a white summer dress from Zara and the Monki dress which is bright green and has a pussy bow tie at the front. Finally there is the mustard and navy skater dress from Bershka.

Can you tell by now that the polka dot is one of my favorite prints?! It seems like I have an item in each clothing category that has a polka dot print. From socks, to crop tops, to blouses, shorts and skirts: I even used to own a blazer that had a polka dot print. My most unusual item with a polka dot print? That depends on what you find unusual, but I do own a bra and a pair of polka dot printed shoes.

Not all items make a lasting impression on my wardrobe and some have been cut in one of my many wardrobe declutterers. Because even though I love polka dots, sometimes they can make an item look young and childish. Especially if the color scheme is one other than black and white, I sometimes feel I could do without it. That doesn’t mean that I still don’t check out any item in a clothing store that has a polka dot print on it. Just to see if it would make a good addition to my everlasting polka dot collection.

What polka dot printed items do you own?

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