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Time for one of the final Music ABC blog posts! I only have one more after this. As I compiled my Music ABC, I figured that there are also plenty of songs with numbers in their title name, so that is what will be coming up next. For this installment, I bring you the letter Z. And this is a special one. Only one of the my picks starting with the letter Z is in English. The other songs are all in Dutch and there’s even a song in German. Yep, getting those international music vibes going in this post. I will briefly explain why I love each song as some of these definitely go way back. I hope you enjoy, and please leave comment down below with your favorite songs starting with the letter Z.

Zaterdag – Blof

I used to hear this song every week. My parents listened to a radio show on Saturday mornings that would open with this track. And I had to get up to get to work, my very first job ever at our local library, at the same time every week too. So this song always reminds me of that. Breakfast before heading out the door!

Zing, Vecht, Huil, Bid, Lach, Werk, Bewonder – Ramses Shaffy

A Dutch classic could be any song by Ramses Shaffy, but I like this one in particular. There is no actual memory attached to it, but I just like the power of the song lyrics. It’s a nice change and a good reminder of how we as humans should simply come together and show some love rather than fight and hate each other. Ramses got that right.

Zombie – Cranberries

90s grunge was a thing I grew up on. I was just the right age to have witnessed the heydays of MTV still playing music videos and I remember this doing the rounds a ton when I first got into watching music videos when I was 10 or 11 years old. But that’s not why this is here. The song didn’t appeal to me much until I started exploring music more in my later teens. I remember having to do an assignment for music lessons for a highschool play we had to put together ourselves and we somehow decided to use this song.

Zotte morgen – Zjef Vanuytsel, De

This song is just absolutely stunning. I don’t even remember how I came across this. Probably through my dad’s music playlists, but I cannot be sure. Written in the 70s it is eerie how much this is very much true still today, almost 50 years later. It’s a song that talks about the moment of day break, the moment the ‘loony morning’ starts as it breaks with all that represents peace and quiet and makes way for chaos and stress.

Zweifel Für Den Zweifel – Tocotronic, Im

Now my German isn’t good enough to catch the exact meaning of this song, but I get the general gist and that appeals to me. The title roughly means: to doubt doubt and the song talks about how you can never be sure about anything. It is simply a beautiful song and not too old. It was released just a few years ago and I’m sure I came across it on one of my many indie music binges.

What song with a Z do you hold dear?

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