Why I love Asos for dress shopping + favorites

Asos is by far one of my favorite websites and what I love browsing for most on there are dresses. Now I am a total dress type of girl. I didn’t used to be in my teens and early 20s, but as a kid I love a good dress that would flare out I spun round. As I got older, I started loving dresses again. My preferred style is a skater style dress with a fitted top and a flared out skirt (some things never do change!). Unfortunately the past two years or so, skater dresses are a little bit more difficult to come by, so I’ve delved into other types of dresses. I now also love wiggle dresses, smock dresses and a-line dresses. And my main site for those discoveries has been Asos. Today I will share with you what I love about dress shopping on Asos and I will also share some of my favorite dresses I purchased from them.

Why I love Asos for dress shopping + favorites

What is your favorite place to shop for dresses?

The main reason for loving Asos for shopping in general is the sheer vastness of offerings on display. There are many different brands available through them and ever since they are doing free returns it’s been one of my favorite websites to check out. The amount of products on there can be overwhelming however, and I find that a good browse ever so often through some of my favorite sections (dresses and shoes) helps to keep it easier to find things you might like.

I think that most of the things I own from Asos are actually from their name brand. Sure they stock many other brands on there, but mostly I check Asos name brand styles as I know best how they will fit me. Asos runs very true to size so if you roughly know how clothes fit you in general, ordering from their own brand is nearly fool proof. Four of the dresses below are by Asos, the others by other brands.

But why buy dresses from Asos specifically? Because the website is easy to navigate if you’re looking for something particular. But mainly because there is always something on offer that might suit your needs. Despite it being a fashion website, I find that Asos caters mostly to taste and personal style than trends. Of course they do trendy pieces, but where hardly any stores stock skater dresses at this moment, Asos’ website still has plenty of them for you to browse. In short, if you know what looks good on you, Asos can be your one stop shop to get everything you need.

Before you think this post is sponsored by Asos (it is not, I assure you), I thought I’d proof my point by showing you 6 of my favorite dresses that I have purchased from Asos over the years. Mind you, these are no longer available, but I am confident you can find something similar on there still.

The dress you see here are mostly skater dresses. The odd one is the top left one. This a-line dress I bought last year when I decided my closet needed a good influx of stripes. This a-line stripy dress flares out ever so slightly and can be worn year round. A true staple in my closet. I wear it in this blog post.

Dress number 2 is the top middle dress, which is one of my most favorite dresses in my closet. I love everything about it. From the bodice look to the baby blue color. This dress can be dressed up or down, depending on what you pair it with. It looks cute, fits perfectly and I just love it. I wear it in this blog post.

The dress on the top right is by River Island but I bought it from Asos. I’ve had this many many years now and what I love about it is the metallic thread running through the fabric. It’s very subtle, but it gives it just that extra touch. I mainly wear this dress during fall with a burgundy or black cardigan to contrast the muted colors on the dress. I wear it in this blog post.

Bottom left is another fall staple. This dress is just so much fun with the orange and green. The colors are just perfect for fall. I also love how it fits like a glove, has a pleated stitched detail on the front and let’s not forget about that adorable peter pan collar. I wear it in this blog post.

If I am feeling a more grungy, I love wearing the dress in the middle bottom row. This is a true skater cut as there is no seem in the middle to singe in your waist. Rather it has a tighter bodice and as the fabric goes down it skims down your hips into a more flared style. It has a massive cut out on the back and I love pairing this with a pair of Dr. Marten’s to stick to that grungy feel.

The last dress is one of my favorite summer dresses. I wore it to work on my birthday last year and one of my colleagues was like: yep you’re truly wearing your birthday dress. This is the type of dress I adored as a child and still do! It fits absolutely beautifully and the bright turquoise blue color makes it super fun. It is also fully lined, making the skirt feel full and luscious.

Have you ever shopped on Asos?
And this post may or may not have instigated a sneaky Asos order featuring you’ve guessed it… dresses!

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