Too Faced Sweet Peach eyeshadow palette

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Are you excited for this review? I know I am. By chance I stumbled upon some great limited edition items when I was shopping around London. One of them was the Too Faced Sweet Peach eye shadow palette. I knew Debenhams now stocked Too Faced, but I initially wanted to get myself the Chocolate Bon Bons palette. Little did I know that they had the Sweet Peach palette in stock. And since that is limited edition and the Chocolate Bon Bons is not, I decided to go for this one right now and buy the Chocolate Bon Bons at a later point in time.

Too Faced Sweet Peach eyeshadow palette

Too Faced Sweet Peach eyeshadow palette (Isn’t she a beaut?!)

The fact that this is limited edition was not the only reason why I bought this. I already own one of the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palettes (The second one, semi-sweet, which I reviewed here), and I love that one. So I knew the quality would be good. But this good? Seriously, this palette was love at first swatch. Because just from seeing people talk about it on Youtube and blogs, did not get me excited for this palette at all. When I saw it in real life and swatched a few of the shades in store, I was sold.

The packaging of this palette is NOT my cup of tea. It just reminds me too much of children’s make up and I dislike the overall look. The ombre peach shading I get, but the embossed peaches in the lid? No, just no. The fact that this smells like peaches, is another no go for me. The chocolate scent of the Too Faced semi-sweet actually makes me feel queasy at 6.30 AM. This is less of an overpowering scent, and has a fresher note, but it smells more like the Haribo peach candies than actual peaches. So the smell for me is something I really have to get over, but for shadows this beautiful it’s a small price to pay.

There’s some information on the back of the box. It is a limited edition summer release and as you look at these shades you can tell why. This palette retails for £39.00 and contains 18 shadows. That is a step up from the Chocolate Bar palettes which each have 16 shades in them. Where those contain 2 extra large highlighters, this contains equal sized pans for each shade.

The overall tone of the palette is very warm. Even the purples have a warm undertone. What I like about this palette is that it has a good range of shades. There are plenty of mattes to make a workable look with this and the best part is that the shades that you will need most often are the matte shades. Some of the shimmers in this palette look like nothing too special in the pan, but when you swatch them, they blow you away.

For a peach palette, there are few truly peach shades in this palette. There are 3 that are full on peach, but what makes this palette unique is that the shades that don’t seem very peachy at first glance do have a peachy pink undertone. This makes the different shadows very complimentary with one another. There are a few oddball shades such as a muted olive green with golden sheen and a few purples that make this palette not only neutral, but allows you to add more creative pops of color in your looks.

Row 1:

  • White peach: a matte off-white
  • Luscious: a shimmery dusty pink with a peach undertone
  • Just Peachy: a matte pink toned peach
  • Bless Her Heart: a shimmery muted olive green with golden shimmer
  • Tempting: a satin & super saturated deep charcoal brown leaning towards black, but it isn’t quite 100% black
  • Charmed I’m sure: a matte taupe with a peachy pink undertone

Row 2:

  • Nectar: a shimmery gold with peach undertone
  • Cobbler: a shimmery mauvy taupe with a pinky undertone
  • Candied Peach: a matte, soft orange-toned peachy coral
  • Bellini: a shimmery peach (NARS orgasm in an eye shadow really)
  • Peach Pit: a shimmery, deep taupy plum
  • Delectable: a matte purple with a pinky undertone

Row 3:

  • Peaches ‘N Cream: a matte peach-toned beige (the matte version of nectar)
  • Georgia: a matte soft dusty rose with a peach undertone
  • Caramelized: a shimmery bronzed toned brown with a peachy undertone
  • Puree: a matte neutral brown
  • Summer Yum: a matte warm-toned brown (a touch deeper than puree)
  • Talk Derby to Me: a glittery blue-toned plum, with multicolored sparkle

Too Faced Sweet Peach eyeshadow palette

Row 1 – Row 2 – Row 3

I hope these swatches verify my claim of being impressed by this palette the minute I swatched it. The texture is super buttery smooth on almost all shades and there are only two let downs in this palette for me. Talk Derby to Me does not swatch very well and also on the eye the sparkle you see in the pan just doesn’t translate. Maybe applied wet it would work better, but I have yet to try that. The other shade that I think could be better is Candied Peach. It is a lot lighter than you’d expect from its pan, but it could make a pretty transition shade.

Top marks go to Luscious, Caramelized, Peach Pit, Nectar, Georgia, Summer Yum and Bless Her Heart. The minute I swatched Luscious I wanted to have this palette. Caramelized is the perfect bronze toned brown that has a very interesting sheen to it. Peach Pit is just a perfect shade to add some color but still keep it perfect for every day. Nectar is a stunning inner corner shade. Georgia is my favorite transition shade, while Summer Yum is very pretty in the crease. All over lid has to go to Bless Her Heart and it was the first shade my eye is drawn to when I stare at this palette.

All the other shades in the palettes are good staples to own. There are plenty of standard crease shades for a more muted every day look. Tempting is a great liner shade or for a more smokey look. Delectable and Just Peachy are your fun pops of color. Bellini is a great shade, but I feel very similar to MAC’s Paradisco, which I already own. White Peach is the perfect brown bone highlight and Peaches ‘N Cream is one of those shades that is great if you want a matte light color all over the lid to lay down a base to ease the blending process.

Look 1:
Bless Her Heart (lid)
Charmed I’m Sure (crease)
Georgia (transition)
White Peach (brow bone)
Luscious (inner corner)
Peach Pit (lower lash line outer third)
Delectable (lower lash line)

For the first look I created, I went with the shade that instantly caught my attention: Bless Her Heart. I love how it has enough sheen to brighten the look. And where some olives can be very deep and overpowering in a look, this one is very light and brightening. I added purple on the lower lash line to contrast with the green and to emphasize the little hint of green in my own eye color. A great start to this palette.

Look 2:
Caramelized (lid)
Cobbler (tapped onto center of lid)
Puree (crease)
Georgia (transition)
White Peach (brow bone)
Peaches ‘N Cream (inner corner)
Bellini (lower lash line)

For a warm-toned brown look, one of my favorite every day staples, I went with tons of browns and a little bit of peach to brighten up the eye. I used Caramelized all over the lid, but that made the look quite dark. So I decided to tap Cobbler on top to brighten it up a touch. Since I used a lot of shimmer all over the lid, I kept the rest of the shades quite muted and opted for matte highlights and a matte crease.

Look 3:
Just peachy (inner third of lid)
Belline (outer 2/3 of lid)
Candied Peach (lower lash line)
Summer Yum (crease)
Georgia (transition)
White Peach (brow bone)
Nectar (inner corner)Tempting (liner)
Caramelized (Outer V)

So when buying a peach eye shadow palette, you of course have to create a peach eye look. And so that’s what I did. Candied Peach is, as I thought from swatching it, a tad more difficult to work with. It’s the only shade I feel that doesn’t apply as smoothly as the rest. Nectar is a great inner corner shade and Summer Yum is just great for a soft crease. I added Tempting as a liner as I find the overall look would be too light otherwise. This would have to be my favorite look of the three.

Can you already tell I absolutely adore this palette? I used this straight up all week long last week and I was pleased with every look I came up with. Between the three looks you see here, I’ve used nearly all shades on my eyes, so I hope this gives you a good idea of how these shadows perform. Moreover, with an eye shadow base these shadows last all day. Yep, I love the Sweet Peach palette. If you can still get your hands on one, then make sure you grab one asap.

What is your favorite shade in this palette?

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  1. Molly Avatar

    So jealous you got your hands on this palette! All the colors are gorgeous! Lovely post!

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Thanks! It is a great one! I feel so lucky.

  2. lexilife Avatar

    Ahhhh you have it!! I’m so jealous, they’re all so pigmented! The colours really suits your skin tone and hair. Fab post xo

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Thank you 🙂

  3. UKlushie Avatar

    I can’t believe they had this in stock!! Was in London last week 🙁 I am green with envy right now! Lovely review and nice looks!

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      When I was there they only had 40 left and the lady expected them to be out of them by the end of the day as they were flying off the shelves. So I think I’ve been very lucky to find this when I did.

      1. UKlushie Avatar

        so jealous, everywhere I find one people are selling them for like £60-70

      2. indiequeen84 Avatar

        I know! Ebay is through the roof with these.

  4. baublesandknots Avatar

    Obsessed with look1, it’s sultry & fresh

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Thanks 🙂 Glad you like it.

  5. mikaela_tayylor Avatar

    Great post! Love your pictures! I manged to snag the limited edition shadow insurance tumbler. It’s on my blog if you want to check it out (: I loveeee Too Faced! <3

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Sounds great! I love me some Too Faced too 🙂

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