Favorites from my wardrobe

As you know I love clothes but there are a few items in my wardrobe that stand out above all others. Not because they are my most worn items per se, but because they make my wardrobe feel more complete or because they add that much needed quirky touch. I thought I’d share with you some of my wardrobe favorites.

Favorites from my wardrobe

A complete mish mash with a little bit of everything…

Because that is what these favorites are. There are just a few items in my wardrobe, that, no matter how little I wear them, get to stay declutter after declutter and season after season. They may not seem the most remarkable of items, because some of them are just too comfortable to be anything fancy looking, while others are those items that give my wardrobe a touch more spunk.

Starting with an item that adds some more spunk: this bright red wool & cashmere blazer is one of my absolute best items. It’s a tad quirky as it has a boxy shape, 3 buttons down the front and a tiny lapel. It is actually one of my vintage pieces and it was an absolute steal. I love the 80s vibe this gives off and the color is just spot on. Topshop’s Jamie jeans is an item you will have heard me talk about before, so I’m not raving about it too much, but yep, these grey ones are my favorite pair of jeans.

This ZARA a-line skirt was a bit of a whimsical buy when I got it. I spotted it on a mannequin and I am usually not one to buy something like that. But I loved the print so much that I decided to try it on and yup, it actually fit perfectly. I’m not a very frequent ZARA shopper, but when I do I always find pieces that last me a good while. I have had this skirt for years and don’t wear it too often as it does come up a tad short. But if I feel like going for that 60s look, you know what I’m wearing.

A good basic t-shirt is a must have for any wardrobe, and this is one of my all time favorites. Forever 21 do my favorite t-shirts, but this H&M marled grey edition I hold very dear to my heart. It goes with everything, is thin enough for layering, is the perfect color, has a high neck line that actually suits me and is plain enough to combine with some more statement pieces. Be it a statement necklace or a bright blazer. This top is one of the most versatile pieces in my wardrobe which is why I love it.

I couldn’t leave out dresses now could I? Because this girl loves her dresses. From a statement red color (which always gets me compliments as it’s so bold) to a more statement cut: both of these dresses have different things going for them. The baby blue dress by Asos is just one of those dresses that just works no matter the occasion. It is easy to dress it up or dress it down and I love the mix of materials. The red H&M dress is a more casual dress and this is one of those dress that I chuck in my suitcase whenever I’m traveling. It hardly creases, looks good with a comfy pair of shoes and since the color is such a statement, your outfit doesn’t need much of anything else.

Apart from dresses, sweaters are truly my thing. THE sweater that is easily number 1 is this Topshop number. From a distance this looks like a light grey tone, but when you look at it up close, you will see it is actually made up of tons of pastel shades. What’s more this sweater is boxy, baggy and super slouchy. It is casual and relaxed and therefore very comfy. It is made out of a very breathable cotton, which also makes this perfect year round.

A quirky pair of shoes can make or break an outfit. These ones always get a few stares from strangers. In the first place because they are completely beat up. They are again vintage, which is why they look a little bit worse for wear. I love the burgundy shade of these though. Combined with the little leather fringe and the laces, they are the perfect grandma chic shoe.

Last but not least, this oatmeal cardigan by River Island is all sorts of cool. For one, it is hairy, number two, it has holes and number 3 it has bat wings. What’s not to love?! The neutral shade also makes it easy to combine with lots of different items and it just drapes beautifully over whatever clothes I am wearing. I usually pair this with dress though as a dress + this is the perfect outfit. If you add more pieces it is easy for them to become muddled in the texture of this piece.

What are your wardrobe favorites?

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  1. I am not as into quirky clothing, but I loved almost all of the things you showed! I especially liked the baby blue Asos dress; I instantly fall in love with anything baby blue. I also really enjoyed the H&M tee and the Top Shop sweater because of the mixed hues. Your descriptions were great as well. Thank you so much for your post!

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