I Heart Make Up Chocolate Vice eyeshadow palette

After uploading my Boozyshop unboxing video I received a comment from someone saying they thought the I <3 Make Up Chocolate Vice palette looked interesting. The main question with this palette of course is: of which major beauty brand will this be a dupe. Because many I <3 Make Up palettes are clearly inspired by the Chocolate Bar palettes by Too Faced for instance. I put the Chocolate Vice palette to the test!

I <3 Make Up Chocolate Vice eyeshadow palette

I <3 Make Up Chocolate Vice eyeshadow palette

The first thing that is good about I <3 Make Up products is their price point. At an affordable €9.99, this palette definitely doesn’t break the bank. There is an array of cool and warm toned browns, with some peachy shades mixed in. But what palette does this resemble most? When I first spotted this, I thought Too Faced’s Chocolate Bon Bons, which I don’t own. But after doing some research online, I found that most people seem to compare this to the limited edition Sweet Peach palette. That one, I do have, so below I will also give some notes on that comparison. If you would like to see for yourself, then you can find my full review of the Sweet Peach palette here.

I <3 Make Up palettes come in a simple plastic case with a melted chocolate bar print. Each palette has a different color. There is the dark brown one called I Heart Chocolate which is a dupe for the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette, the light brown Salted Caramel palette which dupes the Too Faced Semi-Sweet palette and many more. The Chocolate Vice palette comes in a black shade, which makes the packaging look instantly more chic.

What matters most is the inside of course! When you open up the palette, you are greeted by 16 different shades. Some are matte, some are shimmery and some seem to be chunky glitters. This is where the first comparison jumps in: Sweet Peach has 18 shades. Where Chocolate Vice is clearly a brown toned palette with a few peaches thrown in, Sweet Peach has a much more unique color selection, giving almost every shade a peachy undertone. This one, does not have that.

Vice, Treat, Habit, Reason, Must

The first block consists of 5 shades.

  • Vice: a shimmery highlight with a yellow undertone
  • Treat: a matte dark brown
  • Habit: a shimmery gold which looks rather chunky
  • Reason: a satin soft peach
  • Must: an almost matte vibrant peach with gold reflects

Sway, Satisfy, Persuade, Need, Maleficence, Fancy

The second block has 6 different shades:

  • Sway: a matte off white with a yellow undertone
  • Satisfy: a shimmery highlight with a pink undertone
  • Persuade: an intense shimmery coppery bronze
  • Need: a matte taupe
  • Maleficence: a warm toned brown with an orange undertone
  • Fancy: a matte deep coral

Require, Convert, Crave, Lust, Appeal

The final block contains another 5 shades:

  • Require: a golden shimmery highlight
  • Convert: a matte soft brown
  • Crave: a shimmery deep bronze brown
  • Lust: a shimmery charcoal grey
  • Appeal: a matte off white highlight

I <3 Make Up Chocolate Vice eyeshadow palette

Vice, Sway, Satisfy, Require, Convert
Treat, Habit, Persuade, Need, Crave, Lust
Reason, Must, Maleficence, Fancy Appeal

Swatches do not lie and the pay off of these shadows is good. They feel a tad powdery, but they go on smoothly for the most part. Especially the shimmers go on like a dream. These blend well and stay put on the eye lid all day long if you use a primer underneath.

Looking at the overall shade selection you can tell, from the swatches, that these shades are nothing like the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette. It certainly tries to mimic that feel, but a true dupe? No that’s not what this is. Besides the Sweet Peach palette contains a dark olive green, two different purples and a stunning mauvy taupe.

Can you reach similar results with this palette? Because of the lack of versatility of this palette, I’d say no. But that doesn’t mean that this palette isn’t beautiful in its own right. As you can see in the three looks below, you can still make some good looks with this palette.

Look 1:
Reason, Must, Satisfy, Sway, Treat, Appeal, Vice, Need

With a palette like this, you have to dive into those peachy shades of course. I decided to try and make a fresh summery look with all those peach shades. I worked in a little bit more brown to avoid the pink eye effect. The result? A pretty soft, warm toned look with shades that remind me of MAC’s Paradisco and Expensive Pink.

Look 2:
Persuade, Lust, Need, Convert, Sway, Appeal

For my second look I went in with that stunning coppery bronze shade. That shade pulls me in every time and is truly the center piece of the palette in my book. But this isn’t a look you cannot achieve with other palettes. What I do have to say is that I am very pleased at the intensity of the deepest shade in this palette. The dark charcoal shade has enough intensity to serve as a subtle liner. Always a plus.

Look 3:
Fancy, Maleficence, Convert, Require, Crave, Habit, Appeal, Vice

The final look has more of a peachy feel again. I wanted to have used at least every single shade in this palette between these three looks. And how could I ignore Maleficence? That is one stunning warm toned brown and a great addition to the peachy, bronze and golden shades. Need serves as a great blending shade, whereas crave is the ultimate bronze tone brown for the lower lash line.

As you can tell, I am very pleased with the overall performance of this palette. There is a good range of different finishes, the pigmentation is great and the blend of browns with peaches works better for me than New-trals vs Neutrals palette I reviewed last week. Not per se because of the quality, but because of a far more flattering shade range that is easier to combine into different looks. This is a good one if you’re a newbie at make up as it has everything you need in one place.

What do you think of the I <3 Make Up Chocolate Vice palette?

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