1 dress, 5 ways

A few years ago, I start this 1 …, 5 ways to wear it series on this space, but there were a few items I hadn’t gotten round to yet. I already did I 1 dress, 5 ways to wear it post a year ago, but the dress featured is one that I no longer have in my wardrobe (it got a foundation stain on it which I couldn’t remove) and I thought I’d update the post using one of my favorite dresses that I hardly ever show on here.

Basic monochrome skater dress (H&M)

Funny isn’t it, how you have pieces in your wardrobe that just kind of slip into your daily routine? That’s exactly what happened to me with this dress. I bought it by chance and it has become one of my favorites because of comfort, versatility and ease of wear. It was featured in this lookbook post I did last year, but other than that I never showed it on here. So I decided to make it the center piece of this blog post.

Vila yellow lace cardigan
New Yorker yellow flats

I don’t own very many yellow pieces, but I like adding a bright pop of color with my black and white patterned dresses. Yellow being one of my favorites. It just adds a fun bright accent to the outfit that is perfect for warmer days. The lace and knotted details on the shoes add some much needed texture and I feel really amp up the outfit.

H&M White blazer
Sacha black & white heeled sandals

Of course a black & white dress such as this is perfect for making a monochromatic outfit. Void of color, I love pairing these type of outfits with a statement nail color on my hands and feet and a good in your face lipstick. This outfit is also a more sophisticated and classy take on the first one. By adding a structured blazer and a pair of strappy heels, this outfit is perfect for a summer party.

H&M denim blue button down
Converse red low rise all stars

But of course there has to be a super casual option too! I love pairing a flirty dress with a blouse and some sneaker for that ultimate relaxed vibe. This would make a great festival outfit. Or for a picnic in the park, or a concert or date night at the movie, or… Well the options are endless really, because you can never go wrong with some denim and good pair of sneakers.

H&M black fuzzy cardigan
Sacha hounds tooth/ pied-de-poule mary jane heels

Playing around with textures and prints is another thing that is easy to do when you are wearing a fairly simple dress such as this one. Here I paired the dress with a contrasting printed shoe for a pop of playfulness. The fuzzy cardigan adds a nice bit of warmth for the winter months and adds a good deal of texture which keeps this otherwise monochrome look from getting boring.

Urban Outfitters burgundy cardigan
Bronz burgundy brogues

Last but not least, my favorite way of wearing this dress, is the way in which it is featured in last year’s fall lookbook. I wear this look tons. The oversized burgundy cardigan paired with a manly burgundy brogue add a bit of edge to this look and definitely gives the dress a more punky vibe. A vibe I personally love.

How do you wear your favorite dress?

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