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It’s here! It’s here! Another beautybloggers’ day with a new blog hop to hopefully introduce you to 24 blogs by some amazing ladies as well as a chance to win a nice prize. Because this weekend it just so happens to be that my blog has its 6 year anniversary! Six years!!! I pinch myself just thinking of how long I’ve been able to keep this thing going. On to the blog hop, tag and what you have to do to win what I think to be an awesome prize.

So this time round it works a little bit differently than last time. This time we’ve all come up with different beauty dilemmas. I will discuss my own dilemma, but first I would like to introduce you to Irina of Ordinary Odd. There is a good chance you found my blog through hers as she is the person just in front of me of the blog hop. Irina has just gone back to school after working full time 1.5 years and focuses mostly on Youtube. She’s just uploaded 4 vlogs of her stay in London and I’ve been loving those. Definitely worth checking out!

Irina’s dilemma was as follows:

To never wear eye make up again or to never wear lip products again

That would be easy! I would go with lips. As long as I can still wear a lip balm to help nourish my lips I’m good. I do not see how I could go without wearing eye make up, as eye make up is my favorite part of doing make up to begin with. Eyeshadow was my first make up love and I’m sure it will be my last.

Now on to my dilemma:

To always have perfectly polished nails, or perfectly styled hair?

Again, to me this is easy. I prefer my hair messy and wild, so I would go with perfectly polished nails. Which for me is quite the feat. Since my nails are weak from years of nail biting, nail polish doesn’t last very long on me. Hence keeping them in tip top shape requires some effort, but when I do, my nail polish can last a good 4 – 5 days without chipping.

I would like to tag Astrid from Ikhouvanbeauty to answer my dilemma and add on her own. Her blog just celebrated its 6 month anniversary and she’s passionate about beauty in all its shapes and forms. She, as well as all other blogs participating in today’s bloghop will have a dilemma up and some great prizes to win. So click that link to check out her blog and keep on hopping around!

Speaking of winning prizes, I can’t forget mine! Since this bloghop coincides with my blog’s 6th year anniversary, I wanted to give away a prize that could be universally liked and that I could easily open up internationally. Because this past year I’ve noticed quite a few regulars who come from some far flung places and I would like to include everyone.

What you can win:

You can spend the giftcard on their entire selection: from clothes to beauty, to accessories, what ever you please. They ship worldwide! Most of it free, especially if you spend €25 or more!

Here is what you have to do to win:

  • Follow this blog either via e-mail or through bloglovin’ (you can find the buttons in the sidebar)
  • Leave a comment down below with your fall fashion and beauty wishlist, and say you would like to enter the giveaway.
  • For an extra chance, follow me on Instagram (@indiequeen84), like today’s post (it will be the same as the picture at the top of this post) and leave a comment saying you have entered the giveaway
  • For another extra chance, post the following to twitter: I entered for a chance to win a €25 @Asos giftcard at @indiequeen84. Paste a link to your tweet into the comment you leave on this blog post.

This giveaway ends on Saturday 10 September 2016, midnight CET. It is open internationally. Please leave a valid e-mail address when posting your comment. The giveaway winner will be sent an e-mail no later than Monday 12 September 2016. Without a valid e-mail address I will not be able to contact you and send you the giftcard if you win. The winner has 48 hours to respond to the e-mail. Winners are picked using an online randomizer. No correspondence will be entered into.

Have fun hopping and I hope you win a prize, if not here than elsewhere!

28 responses to “Win + Beautybloggers Dilemma Tag”

  1. Mooie blogpost en op naar het beantwoorden van je dilemma 😉 Ik doe graag mee aan je winactie zodat ik een leuke zwangerschapsbroek kan kopen. Ik volgde je uiteraard al!

  2. Perfect gestyled haar geen twijfel over mogelijk, ben zo niet handig met haar en vind dat brlangrijker dan nagels.

    Ben nog vrij nieuw op beauty gebied en heb nog niet echt een wishlist, wil alleen heel graag Douglas eigen merk foundation kope

  3. Super leuke prijs! Ik doe daarom ook graag mee 😀

    Op mijn wishlist staat nog een mooie chocker (als je dat zo schrijft haha). Ik ben steeds meer van die trend gaan houden. Ik volg je op Bloglovin’ en ik heb de tweet getweet! Succes iedereen!

    x Yvonne

  4. Oh my, I’m in! Ik volg je vanaf nu op Instagram en Bloglovin. Mijn goal is dan vooral perfecte nagels, mijn haar heeft me nooit al heel veel uitgemaakt! Op mijn wishlist staat nog een mooie hoed, het liefst in beige of bordeaux, perfect voor de herfst, maar ook nog voor de aankomende vakantie!

  5. I would choose to always have perfectly styled hair. My hair is so much more important than my nails.

  6. Ik zou gaan voor perfecte nagels 😀 Ik hou net als jij van wat rommeliger haar. Ik doe heel graag mee met je winactie. Ik volg je overal 🙂 Liefs Lesley/ My Little Happiness

  7. Thanks for the giveaway! What I really need this fall is a new jacket or a coat. I’d use the giftcard towards purchasing one so I want to enter 🙂

  8. Ik hou ook van rommelig haar, dus ik kies ook voor de mooie nagels! Ik zou deze herfst nog wel heel veel willen hebben. Een beetje grunge-stijl, dus lekkere blouses en jurkjes met een ruitje, of van spijkerstof.
    Ik doe heel graag mee aan de winactie, want ik heb al zo vaak bij Asos gekeken en dingen leuk gevonden, maar nog nooit iets gekocht. Ik heb alle stapjes gedaan. (Instagram & Twitter @paramara1982)

  9. Wat een mooie prijzen hebben jullie allemaal! Ik doe graag mee en heb alleen Twitter niet gedaan. Ik wil deze herfst een mooi leren rok met van die knoopjes. En beauty mac brave of velvet teddy

  10. Happy 6th Anniversary!!! Thank you for this amazing chance!
    I would choose to always have perfectly styled hair because I’m not very well to paint my nails!
    There are so many items on my wishlist: bags and shoes and a lot of eyeshadows!!!! I love makeup eyes!!!
    I’m already an happy follower of your blog (Arianna Barbara
    Following you on Twitter and I’ve just tweeted

  11. Leuk!
    Ik doe graag mee 😉
    Voor mij zo makkelijk want zonder perfecte nagels kan ik niet.
    Zonder een perfecte trenchcoat zou ik komende herfst en winter niet kunnen dus die staat hoog bovenaan mijn wishlist.
    Ik heb alles gedaan en natuurlijk ook getweet en geretweet.

    Bl: chucky1012

    Instagram: @chucky1012

    Twitter: @chucky1012

    Fb.: Homemadepicturemania Sao Nonac

    Bl: chucky1012

    Yt.: Beautyandfashionvlogs ByIke


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