Music of the Moment (September 2016)

Time for musica again! It’s the end of the month which means I’m sharing my current music favorites with you again. As usual there is a bit of everything: from Britney Spears to some indie rock. I hope you enjoy!

Air Traffic Controller – This Is Love

This is one of those songs that just got stuck in my head after one listen. Easy to sing along to and still a little bit different from the usual. Exactly the way I like my music

ASTR – Bleeding Love

Bleeding Love is nothing like the Leona Lewis track that was popular a few years ago. Instead this track is a solid mix of elektro and pop. A catchy track that has you wonder why you’ve never heard of ASTR before.

Britney Spears – Do You Wanna Come Over?

The princess of Pop is back! Glory is her 9th studio album and this track is one of her newest tracks. I got to know this through dance class and let me tell you: this is another one of those classic Britney dance bangers. Love it!

Dua Lipa – Be The One

Dua Lipa is the new buzz artist of 2016. If the music press is to believed, she will be next hit sensation. And I can see why. Not only is her music incredibly catchy, easy to listen to pop music. I was lucky enough to catch her live at Lowlands festival last August and she just so happens to be amazing live as well.

FEMME – Gold

I am not exactly sure what appeals to me about this track. Perhaps because it vaguely reminds me of Gold Frapp and Little Boots. In any case, this track is a jumble of styles with a disco chic video to match.

Fizzy Blood – January Sun

A Music of the Moment would be incomplete without a decent indierock track. Fizzy Blood is a straight up ‘pound your guitar and go’ type of track, be it a bit more melodic on the verses. I love that clash within the song. Can’t really make much sense of that confusing video though.

GREN MEN – Animal

This song is up for a free download via soundcloud, so if you like it: grab it while you can. Quite possibly the strangest song in the bunch this kind of reminds me of a more rhythmic Animal Collective, which leans heavily on 80s inspired synths and some sort of African chant. Interesting and an earwurm!

Hayden James – Just A Lover

Heaven in a song still exists! I love the smooth vibes of this track. All you need is a sweet voiced singer, a chilled out beat, some vague echos that remind me of 90s Café Del Mar lounge tracks and I’m all set. For those who would like to hang on to summer just a little bit longer.

kaleo – Way Down We Go

Did you like Take me to Church by Hozier? Then you’ll like Kaleo’s Way Down We Go. This track has a similar vibe and intensity that is driven forward by the intensity of the vocals more than anything else. What sets this track apart however, is the amazing voice of the lead singer, which adds a completely different layer to this track.

Sofi_Tukker – Drinkee

This last track starts off plain enough with a nice catchy riff, but quickly turns into much more than that. Once the beat rolls around for real there is just so much going on rhythmically. A good fusion of some Caribbean rhythms with rhythm guitar and a good solid beat.

What have you been loving this month?

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