Most worn blouses

Fall is definitely here and one of my favorite clothing items to wear during fall is a blouse. It keeps you warm, while at the same time not overheating you in sometimes still very nice temperatures. And if a blouse by itself gets a little chilly, you can layer them up perfectly with a cardigan. Yes, I love myself some blouses. These are the ones I pull out of my wardrobe the most.

Only – Dark Green plaid flannel shirt
H&M – Multicolored plaid flannel shirt

Let’s start with the two most fall appropriate blouses in the bunch. I love a good plaid shirt. In fact, I already purchased a new one for this fall (see I tend to buy 1 or 2 every year to build my collection). Plaid shirts are soft, incredibly comfy and work best with jeans and a casual ankle boot.

The green blouse here is much longer than the blueish/ purple one. And that’s why it’s very versatile. I wear it as is, but also use it to layer and wear it as a cardigan. I love pairing it with my navy or mustard colored pants and I pull it out a lot. The other shirt is one of my faves to wear as I just love the colors and it works well with a purple toned berry lip.

H&M – Checkered monochrome blouse
H&M – Leopard print monochrome blouse

A good monochrome print is also one of my favorites when it comes to blouses. I love pairing these especially with a fully black outfit and have the print be the standout piece of the look. Paired with a bold red lip and possibly a matching nail, I think it is perfect for a fall look.

These H&M blouses are two of my favorites. Again, one is long and I wear mostly open over a black shirt with the sleeves rolled up. The leopard print blouse is one that I’ve had for a long time, but which is a classic in my wardrobe. I love how the print is grey and black and I love the contrast collar.

Forever 21 – Black chiffon blouse with gold details
Topshop – Blue herringbone blouse

When it comes to some basics, you cannot go wrong with a black blouse. Another basic for me has been this Topshop blouse that I bought last spring. I love it so much that when I saw a grey version on the Urban Outfitters website, that I had to snatch it up.

The black Forever 21 blouse I bought a few years ago in Boston. I am not a big lover of gold but on this blouse the gold buttons add a cool detail. It’s quite baggy and oversized and I wear this over pants, or tucked into a skirt. The Topshop blouse is a bit of a pain to maintain as it is 100% cotton and creases up very easily, but because of that material, it is very soft and comfortable to wear.

MinkPink – floral boxy blouse
Cooperative – navy & floral blouse

Florals are also fun to wear, even in the fall. I do have to say that I probably use the MinkPink blouse mostly during spring, but since it has some darker colors in it, I think I can still wear it now. Since these are both short sleeved, I do keep them for cooler days so I can layer them up with a cardigan.

I bought both blouses at Urban Outfitters some time ago. Both have a boxy fit which means they fit me very well. I love a boxy blouse! The floral patterns both add a playful touch to the outfit which is always a good thing. I love pairing these with skirt or a deep indigo pair of jeans.

Asos – Nude blouse
Cooperative – White blouse

Last but not least, I have two more basics for you: a nude and a white blouse. I think you can guess why these are staples in my wardrobe, not? It’s always good to have a white blouse, but a nude colored blouse is about as handy as well. They can amp up any outfit from casual to chic in 2 seconds flat.

The dusty pink shade of the first blouse makes it oh so versatile. You can pair it with different colored jeans from blue to grey, to black and it works well with an array of skirts. The white blouse is one that I love wearing with some bolder printed skirts. I just got some more, but I love pairing this with a vintage pleated skirt and brogues for that perfect 40s look.

What is your favorite blouse?

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