Packing for Rome – hand luggage only

In the past I’ve shown you how I pack for different trips. There was the 3 week long USA trip, and an Interrail trip, but I had never shown you how I pack for a short trip of just a few days. Now when I go to London I usually check baggage, but on most other trips, I try to stick to hand luggage only. Since I traveled to Rome last week, I decided to film my hand luggage only packing process. I hope you enjoy!

So packing isn’t really rocket science to me. However, the trick to flying with hand luggage only is to watch the amount of liquids that you carry. There is a 1 liter liquid restriction and the containers cannot be bigger than 100 ml. Which means it is a great moment to start trying out those magazine and beauty store samples as well as trying out some minis. I used to depot my beauty products into different containers, but I ended up wasting too much product that way. So I stick to this solution instead.

I went away for just 4 days to a country with fairly nice weather so I didn’t need to take that much. Just a cardigan for the colder evenings and enough shirts and underwear to last me for those 4 days. I brought my tablet so I could watch Youtube videos in the hotel room as Italy only had Italian language television, at least my hotel room had. And since I spent most of my evenings in my hotel, too tired to move another muscle, it was a good thing that I brought that along.

In the end I did buy one extra t-shirt as I didn’t end up wearing the dress I brought. It was too chilly on my last day in Rome, which was the day I had intended to wear the dress. So I opted for another day in longer trousers instead and so ended up wearing my final t-shirt.

If you care to see what I shopped while I was in Rome: I already recorded a shoplog which will go up on Sunday. Some time next week, I will post a full travel review including pictures and whatnot. But since I took close to 500 pictures I first need to sort through them before I can write up my experiences.

What do you pack for a short trip?

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