Sweater + skirt combos

One of my favorite outfit combinations? A sweater with a skirt. It makes for a great wintery outfit as you can just slap on some super cosy tights by Primark (yes, I’m talking about those fleece lined ones) and you will be warmer than when you’re wearing a pair of jeans. I thought I’d do a blog post showing you which sweaters I like to combine with which skirts.

Striped sweater | Topshop
Burgundy skirt | Topshop
Faux crocodile ankle boots | H&M

My first and favorite pairing is this stripy top with a burgundy corduroy skirt. I bought both a year ago in the Amsterdam Topshop. I put these on together in the dressing room and knew it was meant to be. This combo just works. Add on a pair of black tights, a pair of black booties and you’re out the door.

Orange sweater | H&M
Black pencil skirt | H&M
Black chelsea boots | New Look

One of my favorite ways of combining a sweater with a skirt is to add on a pencil skirt. Pencil skirt are tight fitting and figure hugging. By adding a bulky sweater on top, you add a certain proportion and unexpected twist to the outfit. I love wearing different types of shoes with an outfit like this, but a good Chelsea boot is always a perfect match.

Neon peach sweater | H&M
Acid wash skirt | River Island
Leopard print sneakers | H&M

I didn’t want to feature just winter outfits, because I wear sweater and skirt combos for as long as it’s possible to wear them. One of my favorite options for spring is this neon peach sweater. I used to wear it with a pair of pastel leggings that I used to love, but since I didn’t have much else to wear those with, I decided to declutter them. I still love the sweater though and have been finding that pairing it with some acid wash denim (be it a skirt or a pair of jeans) works wonders.

Burgundy sweater | H&M
Polka dot skater skirt | H&MBurgundy brogues | Bronx

Burgundy is one of my favorite shades to wear during fall/ winter. This burgundy number I bought some time ago because I didn’t really have that many sweaters at the time. And what a bargain it’s been! I love pairing this sweater with a skirt. Tucked into a skater skirt it not only keeps you warm, but you’ll look cute to boot. But since I like changing things up, I added a more masculine shoe to counterpart the cuteness.

Black sweatshirt | H&M
Galaxy skirt | Asos
Black concho boots | Asos

I saved the most outrageous outfit for last. This is definitely something else. The skirt I don’t wear too often, but the minute I threw this outfit together before I went to Amsterdam for a concert a while back, I knew it was a hit. The base of it is completely black. This way the bottom part of the skirt peeking through draws all the attention. It is very flattering and forgiving too: it hugs my body in all the right places and the sweater covers any lumps and bumps I’d like to hide. Edgy, cool and comfortable all at the same time.

Do you combine sweaters with skirts?

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